Friday, November 29, 2013

Authorisation Granted: Exile Purplebeard

One Military Leader may once as a result of this Authorisation exile Purplebeard.



29-11-2013 08:51:11 UTC

The General would be wise to exile me twice, removing the option of Security Actions at least for the moment. No one is safe from this madman.

Josh: he/they

29-11-2013 08:56:53 UTC

I don’t think they can, given that they “must match the instructions” in the Authorisation post.


29-11-2013 09:03:30 UTC

Oh right. In my defence, I left my reading glasses in my office when you kicked me out.

Josh: he/they

29-11-2013 09:22:15 UTC

More in sorrow than in anger.