Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bank Job

Turtlemoon recently updated their own Office to “Associate”, but I can’t see any rule which would have allowed that - only that “A Commander may spend 2 Power to assign an Oligarch to the Office of Authority corresponding to the Commander’s Office”. Am I missing something?

Relatedly, as soon as the National Bank is operational, any Oligarchs wishing to begin a career in the police force need only transfer a 2 Power processing fee to me, in order to be hired as an Inspector. Act quickly and you may be wearing your government-issue mirrored sunglasses in time for this week’s salary payments.



11-19-2013 13:32:28 UTC

Perhaps I as mistaken, but I took 2.4 as saying I may hold an office. First sentence. Tried to find something that said someone else must appoint me, but I didn’t see it. So, figured I’d open the bank.

It was very late, and I was tired, so I’m willing to be educated.


11-19-2013 13:47:17 UTC

The big one from Rule 1.1 is that “The Ruleset and Gamestate can only be altered in manners specified by the Ruleset.” - you’re permitted to have an Office (just as you’re permitted to have “an amount of Power”), but that value can only be assigned and altered in ways that the ruleset explicitly allows.

I have closed the bank.


11-19-2013 16:41:28 UTC

Opening the bank seems like a good way to allow others to seize control from the Despot, so unless someone provides a good reason to open it it’ll remain closed for the time being as long as I’m in charge.


11-19-2013 19:02:31 UTC

Thank you for the correction. Silly me actually thought the declaration that I “may” do something was the way something might be a “manner specified” by the ruleset.

I’ll try to less liberal in the future :-)

Perhaps I was too eager to act when I saw how the open office impacted Our Despot’s Power :-)