Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Proposal: Battle Formation

popular 6-0 with 2 defs enacted by card

Adminned at 06 Nov 2019 00:17:52 UTC

Add a new rule, “Battles”:-

Battles may occur, each with a single Adventurer as its Vanguard. No more than one Battle may occur at the same time.

If a Monster exists and no Battle is occurring, any Adventurer may initiate a Battle by making a blog post with a title that begins “Battle:”. This is a Battle Post, with the posting Adventurer as its Vanguard.

If an Adventurer is the Vanguard of an occurring Battle, they may take a Battle Action from the following list by making a comment to that effect to that Battle’s Battle Post, a comment which must also name a single Adventurer (other than themselves) who is not Recovering as their Successor:

* Slash: Reduce any Adventurer’s HP by 10.
* Retreat: Until your next Battle Action, you may not be the target of Battle Actions.

When a Battle Action is taken by the Vanguard, the Successor they named becomes the Vanguard.

If the Monster is not Recovering and a Battle is occurring, they may take a Battle Action from the following list by making a comment to that effect to the Battle’s Battle Post:

* Claw: Reduce any Adventurer’s HP by 40.

If the most recent X Battle Actions in the current Battle (where X is quorum) include a Battle Action by a particular Adventurer, then that Adventurer is Recovering; otherwise that Adventurer is not Recovering.

If there is no Monster, all Battles which are occurring end.

Trying a battle system that’s a bit turn based (but not so turn based that an inattentive player will stall the game).



11-05-2019 11:59:15 UTC

I like it a lot. It could clog if the Vanguard just does nothing though, but with a time limit added where any non-Recovering Adventurer can just post a Battle Action and become the Vanguard when that happens I think it can work pretty well.

Kevan: HE/HIM

11-05-2019 12:01:30 UTC

Hopefully it’ll be largely avoided by people picking successors that they know to be active, but yeah. I’ll leave a timeout for a future proposal rather than overcomplicating this one.


11-05-2019 13:44:14 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

11-05-2019 13:54:42 UTC

(Actually I guess it’s not unlikely that we’d hit a situation where someone was below 40HP and the Vanguard knew that taking a Battle Action would bring the Monster out of recovery, so declined to take it.)


11-05-2019 18:27:21 UTC

Ok, I see some potential. The Monster/merit is going to be the main focus, I’m hoping, with other chars dying not the central issue. (Easy respawns? No deaths preventing getting the current hit off?) for


11-05-2019 18:28:20 UTC

imperial CoV


11-05-2019 19:17:44 UTC

@TyGuy: About respawning, we got this in the Base Mechs proposal: “When the HP of the Monster reaches 0, they cease being the Monster, and then all Adventurers’ HP becomes their default value.”


11-05-2019 20:00:04 UTC


The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

11-05-2019 23:55:12 UTC



11-06-2019 00:16:45 UTC