Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Proposal: Betting: we all like a little flurish on the dragons

timed out 1-3. failed.-Darknight

Adminned at 03 Oct 2008 11:03:04 UTC

Create a new rule named “ Betting

If a duel or challenge is occurring breeders who are not participating may place bets on which dragon they believe will be victorious. These bets will come in the form of cookies and must be placed prior to the second round of moves of the participating dragons. If the dragon they believe to win is victorious they receive 1/3 of the amount they bet plus there original stake. If the dragon these believe to win losses they loose there stake.

please may i have suggestions how this idea could be tracked because i am unsure thank you



09-30-2008 23:41:49 UTC

To track the bets we could use a wiki document. I like the idea of betting, however, the way this proposal is written, I don’t think it’s safe for it to pass.  against


10-01-2008 00:06:38 UTC

against I could devise a simpler system of betting is SPBM permits me too. =/


10-01-2008 01:33:17 UTC



10-01-2008 14:35:58 UTC



10-01-2008 17:29:17 UTC

Joe i permit you to come up with a simpler system but please could the better only recieve 1/3 of the amount he bets


10-01-2008 17:29:33 UTC



10-01-2008 20:58:43 UTC

I made it 1/4, mainly because I’d prefer it to be 1/4. But you can make a proposal to change it if you so desire.


10-02-2008 23:14:48 UTC

just to let ya know SPBM, tech you can’t use the veto icon. If ya want to self kill use the against icon.