Friday, April 14, 2017

Proposal: Bloggsball Match

Times out 1-5. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 16 Apr 2017 10:43:23 UTC

Add a “Bloggsball Match” section. Within it, add:

A Bloggsball match is won by whichever team reaches 1000 (or more) or -1000 (or less) points first. Teams can have points within matches, which are an integer value, and these points are always zero at the start of a Match. A team is made up of up to 5 Bloggers, which have one Tool each (which is typically a large stick, although inflatable hammers, fresh trout and other items are acceptable as well). Whenever a Tool hits an opposing Blogger, the team the Tool belonged to earns negative points. Whenever it hits anything else (except other Tools and Bloggers), positive points are earned instead. Hitting the Bloggsball earns you a certain amount of extra points.

Simple base rules going off the ascension address with two distinct ways to try to win (going +1000 or -1000) to make things interesting. Intentionally a stub.



04-14-2017 14:05:54 UTC

How does having 5 bloggers per team fit with the three bloggers per manager?

I’d object that I don’t want to actually play out blogs ball matches, as this seems to be about the league, not individual games, but this is descriptive, so it doesn’t actually do anything.


04-14-2017 17:24:56 UTC

I agree with derrick, to me it feels more like we are playing at league and not micromanaging each game.


04-14-2017 19:04:17 UTC

Yes, I’d prefer if Bloggsball games don’t involve any input from us, otherwise there are too many layers to manage.  against


04-14-2017 19:11:41 UTC



04-14-2017 19:23:08 UTC



04-14-2017 19:34:56 UTC

against Not opposed to fluff text, but the five vs three thing just makes things odd and confusing.

Oracular rufio:

04-14-2017 21:55:28 UTC