Saturday, March 17, 2012

Proposal: Blogia

Quorum 10-1. Enacted. -scshunt

Adminned at 17 Mar 2012 19:28:38 UTC

Retitle the rule “Koen’s Band” as “The Net Is Not a Player”.

Create a new rule “Cycles” that reads:

The game proceeds by Cycles, with each cycle lasting 72 hours. The first Cycle will begin 72 hours after the first 0000 UTC after the creation of this rule.

Create a new rule entitled “Resources” that reads:

Each Player has the following Resources as non-negative integers tracked in the GNDT that default to 0: Credits, Councilmen, Marines, and Power.

Create a new rule entitled “Directions” that reads:

At anytime, any Player may issue a Direction in a private message to the Net indicating which of their resources are being allocated to each Insitution that Cycle. A Player may not Direct more Resources than they have; any Direction violating this is ignored entirely, although the Net is encouraged to inform the directing Player of this. If Players issue multiple Directions during a Cycle, all but the last is ignored.

Create a new rule entitled “Cycle Resolution” that reads:

At the end of each Cycle: 

First, each Institution is Resolved in the order that they are defined in the Ruleset.

When an Institution is resolved, if any Player Directed any Marines at that Institution that Cycle, then the Player who directed the most Marines at the Institution that Cycle Influences that Institution. Otherwise, the Player that Directed the most Credits at that Institution that Cycle Influences it. If no player directed any Marines or Credits at that Institution that Cycle, or there is a tie, no player Influences it.

Then, players Restock. Each player earns 1 Credit for each Institution which they Directed Resources at but did not Influence that Cycle.

Then a new Cycle begins.

Create a new rule entitled “Institutions”, reading:

The following Institutions operate in Blogia:

The Mine: When a player Influences the Mine, they gain 5 Power.
The Council: When a player Influences the Council, they gain 1 Power and 1 Councilman.
The Legion: When a player Influences the Legion, they gain 2 Power and 1 Marine.

When a Player Influences an Institution, they lose all Resources they Directed at it that Cycle.

Create a new rule “The End” which reads:

At the end of the game, first, the Player with the most Councilmen gains one tenth of the total amount of Power owned by all other players combined.

Then, the Player with the most Power wins.

Give each Player 10 Credits

This introduces the central mechanics - Direction and Institutions. Expand and play!



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Soviet Brendon:

03-17-2012 09:23:47 UTC


Although i see a flaw, its nothing that cant be resolved…

Soviet Brendon:

03-17-2012 09:26:43 UTC



unfair for new players (who start with nothing)


03-17-2012 10:34:54 UTC

That seems like something that it would be better to patch than to use as the basis to vote down the proposal…


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03-17-2012 19:51:32 UTC

for but does it specify if you get resources back if you directed them without any influence? I may have missed that.


03-17-2012 20:13:55 UTC

what does “or there is a tie”? I think that could be argued to mean mean if I spend 2 credits, and DK and Koen each spend 1 credit, DK and Koen tie so no one gets anything.


03-17-2012 20:16:04 UTC

Also “Directed Resources” is either undefined or lets you direct nothing and still get credits.


03-17-2012 22:20:10 UTC

not really, plain meaning is obvious.  for


03-18-2012 00:52:09 UTC