Sunday, September 09, 2007

Proposal: Breaking News

Reached quorum with 7 votes in favour. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 10 Sep 2007 04:14:51 UTC

[ Working the movement mechanism into the headline system, and tidying it up while I’m there. Bit of a shame to have to make some of the headlines true, but it seems the least confusing way to allow an actual movement mechanic. ]

Rename Rule 2.1.2 (Movement) to “Location”, and delete its second paragraph.

Reword Rule 2.3 (Media Frenzy) to:-

The local news headlines of Tokyo are tracked in a wiki page called The Media Circus. A Kaiju God may, as a Daily Action, add a new headline to this page. If this headline contains one (and only one) of the bolded headline fragments given in Rule 2.3.1 (where “[Monster]” is the name of a completed Monster with a wiki page, and “[Neighborhood]” is the name of a Neighborhood), then the Kaiju God writing the headline must also update the gamestate as specified.

If a headline matches no headline fragments, but contains a single Monster’s name, it may be processed as “[Monster] Spotted”, for that Monster.

If a headline causes a number of people to Flee, they should be removed from their Neighborhood and added to the Neighborhood with the highest population (if tied for highest, the headline writer may choose). If a Neighborhood has a population below 25, any Flee effects on it are ignored.

Add a new rule, “Headlines”, as a subrule of Rule 2.3 (Media Frenzy).

[Monster] Spotted: The Monster has its overall threat level raised by 150,000 points.

[Monster] a Hoax: If the Monster is in the Outer Regions, or is not in a Neighborhood, it has its overall threat level reduced by 500,000 points.

[Monster] In [Neighborhood]: The Monster is moved to the named Neighborhood if it’s not there already. Its overall Threat Level is raised by 100,000 times the Neighborhood’s population, and 1% of the Neighborhood’s population (rounding up) immediately Flee.

[Monster] Attacks [Neighborhood]: If the Monster is in the named Neighborhood, that Neighborhood’s Building value is decreased by one (if any Buildings are left), and 1% of the Neighborhood’s population (rounding up) immediately Flee.

[Monster] Near [Neighborhood]: If the Monster is in a Neighborhood other than the named one, its overall Threat Level is raised by 10,000 times the named Neighborhood’s population, and a single person Flees from the Neighborhood.



09-09-2007 18:45:43 UTC

for Wow! Time for some monster stomping!

One note: seems like ‘[Monster] Attacks [Neighborhood]’ should also increase the threat level. However, I don’t think that’s not enough to stop this proposal; that can be added later.

We’ll definitely need to get the army into action (and monsters fighting) before we have no more cities, however…


09-09-2007 21:13:54 UTC


And monsters fighting monsters!


09-09-2007 21:57:36 UTC



09-09-2007 22:16:04 UTC



09-09-2007 22:57:28 UTC



09-09-2007 23:39:14 UTC

for second the request for monsters fighting monsters.  I also propose that someone look into some kind of “reconstruction” headlines that require no monster to be present in a town, allowing us to potentially   rebuild the city


09-10-2007 00:21:04 UTC

Yeah, good idea. If I can today, I’ll write a monster battle post, prolly just a suggestion post, not an actual proposal.