Thursday, April 27, 2017

Breaking news

Breaking news at 6
Maldor, one of the Bloggsball managers in the east conference, has gone missing. This comes as a complete surprise to his team and others who know him. His whereabouts are unknown, but all he left was a note with a message. It reads “Please idle me”. Officials when asked about the note merely shrugged their shoulders. We will report more on this story as we get more info

In case it wasn’t clear, life have made several interesting turns and I’m not able to actively participate at this Time. Please idle me. Thanks



28-04-2017 05:37:37 UTC

Good luck, you’re idled, quorum becomes 6.


28-04-2017 09:51:13 UTC

veto no maldor isnt leaving us MALDOR NOOOOOOOOOO