Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bucky’s idling scam

So, whilst I was away on holiday, I see that Bucky attempted an idling scam and is now (quite rightly) failing to find an admin to unidle em.  Despite being alerted to the scam, I don’t see how it works or what the benefit will be.

If somebody explains the scam, I’ll make a proposal to unidle Bucky and simultaneously undo the effects of the scam (perhaps with a penalty for being a bad lad[y]).



07-18-2006 08:39:23 UTC

He gained 10 Influence by joining the PRC, then went idle while Hix’s abuse-fixing loophole passed, whose effects included “[reducing] the Influence of each PRC member by 10” - by being idle, he wouldn’t have had the 10 Influence deducted.

So a proposal to unidle him and deduct 10 of his Influence would clear things up.


07-18-2006 16:19:14 UTC

Actually I was going to pull a victory scam that required me to have gone idle earlier this dynasty.  Unfortunately, you seem to have removed some of the key language from the core ruleset.


07-18-2006 21:43:02 UTC

And what was the old wording?


07-19-2006 01:25:45 UTC

Check the core ruleset at the end of the Gostak Metadynasty.


07-19-2006 01:31:03 UTC

I’m cluelles, what’s the trick?