Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canned Spam thrown out

Cleared out two spam accounts and blocked the IP address that made them. Kinda confused as to why the IP wasn’t banned to start with lol.



03-31-2010 08:01:44 UTC

There are currently over 250 spam accounts. Some have unique IP addresses, and some share one with a few others. They are created at a rate of about 6 accounts a day. Banning them all individually is not really a feasible solution (not that I know what is).


03-31-2010 19:16:39 UTC

Hmm… I smell a theme for the new Dynasty! Hackers trying to infect and enslave networks in order to send as much spam as possible…


04-01-2010 00:18:39 UTC

@anon: Nice!

@PB: True but i got the IP of the one that has been causing trouble lately

Ienpw III:

04-01-2010 14:38:47 UTC

We need to fix tbis problem. Did excalabur ever look into the Recaptcha thing?