Sunday, December 30, 2018

Story Post: Case 25: Isabel v. Mortis Maximis

In this Unpaid Debt case, Isabel asserts that Mortis Maximis had offered to buy the rights to documents from her personal archive for the purposes of making the Chamberlain documentary, and that she had provided the documents, but that Mortis Maximis never paid.


Kevan: he/him

31-12-2018 11:05:35 UTC

for My client states that the documents were returned to the Chamberlain estate upon cancellation of the project.


02-01-2019 07:03:11 UTC

for I call Mr. Alfred Spellburger, who was in charge of the project, to the stand.


02-01-2019 07:13:56 UTC

against Now, Mr. Spellburger, isn’t it true that at the time the project was still ongoing, that you were having an affair with the VP of Operations’ wife? Behind your spouse’s back? It seems to me that anyone willing to lie in their personal affairs would have no problem lying in their business affairs.


04-01-2019 00:28:18 UTC

Hmmm, how can we trust the word of someone such as Mr. Spellburger? It also seems like it’s not the actual physical documents that were interesting to Mortis Maximis, but the rights to them, which they still retain.

This case is now closed. Isabel is the winner; the fine is $337,500.