Monday, August 02, 2010

Proposal: Chapter and Perverse the Second

Times out 6-3 and is Enacted. - lilomar

Adminned at 04 Aug 2010 12:17:08 UTC

Create a new INDIGO rule entitled “Popsy Pervy” with the following text:

At any time, a Citizen may spend Perversity Points in order to perform an action enumerated in the subrules to this rule once for each time the cost is paid. That Citizen must have Perversity Points greater than or equal to the cost of the action prior to paying the cost. Each subrule must list the cost of the action and the action’s effect.

Create a subrule to the rule “Popsy Pervy” entitled “Influence through the outfluence door” with the following text:

Cost: 1 Perversity Point. Action: Increase or decrease the Treason Points of any Citizen by 1.

Create a subrule to the rule “Popsy Pervy” entitled “Professional killing is a growth industry” with the following text:

Cost: 1 + the absolute value of the numeric difference in clearance levels between the Citizen and the victim. Action: The Citizen may terminate any Citizen (referred to in this rule as the victim) as long as the victim’s Treason Points are greater than or equal to 6.

Create a subrule to the rule “Popsy Pervy” entitled “Hook and ladder” with the following text:

Cost: 2 + the numeric value of the resulting clearance (with INFARED being 0, RED being 1, etc.) Action: Raise or lower the clearance of a Citizen by one level, restore the number of Treason points the Citizen had prior to the clearance level change, and then add an additional Treason point for the Citizen’s inappropriate cutting of red tape.

I hate that the spending implementation is clunky, but the rules for spending in the glossary otherwise allow a player who has PP below the cost of an action to spend down to 0.



08-02-2010 20:49:17 UTC

imperial, but this is TREASON.


08-02-2010 21:45:18 UTC

against I don’t particularly like the Hook and Ladder rule. The way I see it, the first few people who make it up to orange will be immediately pulled back to red because of this, especially if there is a form or rule that lets people pool perversity points to spend. We’d all be stuck on red for most of the game.

If you changed that clause to only affect people of the same or lower clearance as yourself though, that might work.


08-02-2010 23:41:17 UTC

against per Kyre


08-03-2010 00:17:24 UTC



08-03-2010 01:26:34 UTC



08-03-2010 02:45:03 UTC

against  per everyone above me.


08-03-2010 08:47:00 UTC

for Hook and Ladder is maybe a bit cheap, but there are only 2PP in existence anywhere at the moment, and no way to pool them. I don’t see that many players will bitterly spend 3PP to drag someone down, when they could save a bit more and get themselves a free promotion.


08-03-2010 13:26:12 UTC

CoV for per Kevan


08-03-2010 17:58:56 UTC

CoV for per Kevan

I missed the “by one level” in the Hook and ladder rule.


08-04-2010 11:50:57 UTC