Monday, June 10, 2019

Proposal: Civil Liberties

Reached quorum 3 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 10 Jun 2019 21:15:04 UTC

In “Civil Titles”, replace “If a particular Civil Title applies to an Architect’s Site” with:-

If a particular Civil Title applied only to a single Architect’s Site at the time that the previous Drop Post was closed

Following on from Civil Engineering, removing the main race condition. There’s still an issue in the endgame where someone can close the last Drop and DoV before any rivals can claim Titles, should any have changed hands, but we can address that later. It’d be good to agree right now how we actually want Civil Titles to work - should (as is the case now) tied players effectively share them, or should ties be avoided?



10-06-2019 08:27:01 UTC

If we altered the conditions of the Civil Titles to be maximal i.e. “Whichever Architect has the most/highest . . . ” that would be one measure to help prevent ties, but of course ties might still happen.

If we still didn’t want ties, we could say that ties cancel each other out and no one gets the title.

As for the hassle of constant monitoring, maybe we could say that we only check the Civil Titles after a DoV has been made.

If we wanted to have Civil Titles be more active during the game, maybe we could allow Architects to claim a given title with a blog post, and it’s everyone else’s responsibility to check the validity of their claim. If their claim was valid, then they would hold the title until another Architect made a valid claim which superseded or drew with the current claim.

What do we think of these options?

Kevan: City he/him

10-06-2019 09:10:28 UTC

This proposal is making it maximal by requiring “[only] a single Architect’s Site”.

I think there’s probably more constant monitoring if the Titles aren’t visible until endgame. For each block I place, I’d want to take into account whether it was worth me aiming for any of the Titles at that point; Jailer I could see at a glance, but something like State of the Art would require me to count up every player’s Modules. If Titles are locked down during the game, I only have to compare myself to the current Title-holder.


10-06-2019 13:35:19 UTC

That’s true, I missed that, and good point about the monitoring. I don’t think I can see any other issues with this proposal.  for

derrick: he/him

10-06-2019 21:06:38 UTC