Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Ascension Address: Conquerors of a New Land

    On the behalf of your various kings, you have all been sent to the Isle of Multa, each of you coming with the singular goal of establishing your dominion over this serene island. Its resources are plenty and its land is vast, but yet there will somehow never be enough for even two of you to coexist. You will have your squabbles and disagreements, and eventually one of you will have the privilege of writing back to your grand country with the wonderful news that you have indeed conquered Multa, and that this will all be to the undeniable glory and esteem of your ruler. Will this grant you happiness? I cannot say, for the present is my domain, not the future. But for today, I will watch. The Isle will grant some of you feast and others famine, and none who embark along this difficult journey will be without either at some point or another. I will watch with mild interest in the outcome, and perhaps I may interfere. I cannot say what will come tomorrow.

Repeal all dynastic rules except the rule “Grillin’”. Set the dynastic tracking page to “The Isle of Multa”. Set the synonym for Player to “Settler” and the synonym for Emperor to “The Onlooker”.

Looking forward to my third dynasty!


Kevan: he/him

10-01-2023 14:25:47 UTC

Ruleset updated, although taken literally “Narrator” becoming “The Onlooker” now gives us a lot of double thes.

Trapdoorspyder: he/him

10-01-2023 14:41:15 UTC

Oh yeah. Feel free to not take it literally.

Josh: he/they

10-01-2023 14:45:30 UTC

I’m not sure that we are free to take it not-literally; “Update the Ruleset to reflect any changed terms” is kind of stark.

Trapdoorspyder: he/him

10-01-2023 14:57:16 UTC

True. I’ll slip a fix into one of my starter proposals

Josh: he/they

10-01-2023 15:06:41 UTC

I already put it into Tick