Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Proposal: Cosmetic changes to Barbarian Culture

self killed—arthexis

Adminned at 29 Oct 2008 19:26:39 UTC

Create new rule called “Traditions”:

Barbarians have primitive, but strong traditions. Barbarians who do not observe these traditions are not seen with good eyes by their peers. Whenever a Clansmen fails to comply with one of the Traditions, any other Clansmen may reduce the breaching Clansmen’s Honor by 1 within 24 hours of their breaching (but only once, and only one Clansmen may do this) and increase their own Honor by 1 a single time. If a Clansmen is Disgraced (or becomes so) after this loss of Honor, that Clansmen takes Damage (in the form of an angry mob of barbarians).

The Barbarian Traditions are the following (they are not considered Blognomic Rules, just a simple enumeration of Traditions):

* The Verdant Deity Virdathar has spoken that no Clansmen shall Dodge if their opponent is Crippled.
* The Black Mountain Demon Barzus has edicted that Clansmen shall not Heal if another of their Clan is in a Duel.
* The Invisible Spirit Armaggon has whispered that no Clansmen shall vote DEFERENTIAL on Tuesdays.
* The Radiant Entity Figherton has announced that no Clansmen shall speak or write the name of Dead Clansmen.
* The Greater Aspect of Myrthar has said that no Clansmen shall self-kill a proposal unless the Patriarch voted AGAINST it.




10-28-2008 20:52:02 UTC

Some thoughts: Because the enforcement is in the hands of other Clansmen and not mandatory, Clansmen who share a Clan could make a pact not to take the honor of their peers (and will make Clansmen of opposing Clans eager to take that honor). Also, I am thinking that we can make a rule that allows easier updating of the traditions, like for example, making it a reward for certain duels or so.


10-28-2008 20:52:56 UTC

Also, this is a way that could make your Clan help you in a battle (by damaging the opponent during or after the duel through political manipulation)


10-28-2008 22:05:41 UTC


I dislike the fact that I can send in a dodge before my opponent is crippled, but then he takes damage, becomes crippled, and I get hurt for dodging.

Hello Sailor:

10-28-2008 22:23:37 UTC

against Honor bonus for someone who is able to check the blog more frequently than others?


10-28-2008 22:35:13 UTC

for This makes it more like Mao or Bartok.  I like it.


10-28-2008 22:41:11 UTC



10-28-2008 22:55:47 UTC

against I love the concept, but ultimately I have to agree with Hello Sailor. The first tradition is especially unfair: the Clan Lord who processed the duel will always get the Honor.

I’ll vote for this if the penalty is raised to 2 Honor and the bonus is removed.


10-28-2008 23:00:35 UTC



10-28-2008 23:55:44 UTC

against Great idea, but the cripple dodge needs fixing, and the honor bonus is a bit much.

The self-kill tradition doesn’t seem great, either, when four of the five currently active proposals have no Patriarch vote (including one that’s just timed out).


10-29-2008 13:37:40 UTC



10-29-2008 14:01:25 UTC

against cov

We should probably make it to where it starts with one or two rules, then players can add rules later as arth said.


10-29-2008 21:49:16 UTC

against S/K In favor of a fix