Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Story Post: Current Roster of Participants

Human Resources aboard the Arkham has informed everyone that there are currently active on our Expedition:

2 Handymen
4 Adventurers
3 Scholars
1 Military
2 Spies



06-13-2017 19:32:59 UTC

I’m guessing we’ve got 2 or 4 Cultists then.

Kevan: HE/HIM

06-14-2017 07:45:35 UTC

Aren’t there potentially 6? There are 9 of us, we have (if we’ve all requested our backgrounds) 18 backgrounds between us, and this list covers 12 of them.


06-14-2017 08:37:06 UTC

If there are 6 I’ve already lost because they could just proposal-win via having Quorum voters under their control.

Or they can just choose not but that would be a bit like a cat playing with their already-caught food.


06-14-2017 16:02:32 UTC

[Cuddlebeam] You’ve forgotten that Sphinx could just veto a proposal that was to that effect.


06-14-2017 17:11:56 UTC

@card: Yes, but the Quorum-Cult, would there be any, would be in control of everything else anyway (would they be sufficiently coordinated to) because they can just mass-AGAINST for mass-FOR anything else.


06-14-2017 23:16:38 UTC