Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Proposal: Customization, like a boss

popular 5-0 with 1 def enacted by card

Adminned at 06 Nov 2019 19:44:53 UTC

Add a rule called “Boons” with:

Adventurers have 0 or 5 Boons. An Adventurer with 0 Boons cannot use Combat Actions.

An Adventurer with 0 Boons can Introduce Themselves, this sets their Boons to become 5 of their choice as new instances of the Boons listed in this rule. An Adventurer can have more than 1 of the same Boon.

Boons and their effects (if any) are the following (if it has its effect listed as “New Action”, it means that the Adventurer can perform it when they are the Vanguard as a Battle Action):

- Fencer: New Action: Thrust Storm: Reduce the Monster’s HP by 1, X times, where X is the amount of Fencer Boons you have (For example, it is reduced by 1, 3 times, which would be a total of 3).
- Mercenary: New Action: Dual Slash: Reduce the Monster’s HP by 6, 2 times.
- Commander: New Action: Leadership: The Monster becomes Exposed by you until you are no longer Recovering. Each time a Monster Exposed by you loses HP (excluding Exposed effects), it loses X more HP, where X is the amount of Commander Boons you have. A Monster can only be Exposed by one Adventurer at a time, with new Exposed effects overwriting the previous one.
- Gunner: New Action: Shoot: Reduce an Adventurers HP by 12 + X , where X is the amount of Gunner Boons you have. You can only perform this Battle Action up to X times during a Battle, where X is the amount of Gunner Boons you have.

Add to the list of things that the character sheet tracks:

- Boons: (A list of their Boons)

Fencer x Commander for synergy, Gunner if you want to be badass solo. The intent is that more Boons can be added to make it more interesting.

The Monster fighter team will constantly change as someone leaves to be the Monster so you’ll have to adapt your strategy on the go.



06-11-2019 08:34:18 UTC

In Fencer, did you mean X-1, X times? Leave off the X-? Otherwise it’s just 1X.


06-11-2019 08:40:21 UTC

I think Dealing damage is undefined, atm. Try “reducing HP from an Adventurer.”


06-11-2019 08:55:15 UTC

Yes, the intent is that it dealing 1 damage, X times. The Commander provides the damage boost, and together they can deal a lot of damage.

I added the Mercenary too as an option between Gunner and Fencer, and that doesn’t involve stacking boons.


06-11-2019 08:57:11 UTC

So like a Commander would boost damage by 5, so the Fencer would deal 1+5 damage, 5 times (total of 30), instead of 1 damage 5 times (total of 5).


06-11-2019 10:08:43 UTC


Kevan: he/him

06-11-2019 10:44:46 UTC


The Duke of Waltham: he/him

06-11-2019 11:22:10 UTC

How does one Introduce Themselves?


06-11-2019 12:08:46 UTC

You just update the trackers for it (Jerez, in this case).

“All updates to the GNDT are logged. For gamestate which is tracked in a specific place (such as the GNDT or a wiki page), any alteration of that gamestate as a result of an Adventurer’s action is (and can only be) applied by editing that data in that place.”

The Duke of Waltham: he/him

06-11-2019 12:12:14 UTC

I see. Thank you.  for


06-11-2019 19:04:22 UTC

for seems strong but with the monster buffs not too strong