Thursday, June 10, 2021

Proposal: Dangerous and Repulsive

Reached quorum 9 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan, but doesn’t update any gamestate as it’s not stated where Denizens are tracked.

Adminned at 10 Jun 2021 18:20:48 UTC

Add the follow rule, called “Crypt Denizens”:

A Crypt Denizen is an NPC inhabitant of the Zahndorf Crypt. Every Crypt Denizen has a name, which is flavour text determined by the Vampire Lord that spawned it; two numerical stats, Brutality and Cunning, which both default to 1; a Trait list which defaults to blank but can contain the names of any Denizen Traits whose effects are outlined in the Ruleset, separated by commas; a Location which is a text string that defaults to blank; and a Sycophancy which defaults to “None” but can contain the name of any active Vampire Lord.

When a new Crypt Denizen is created, its Location is set to the room whose effect spawned it. If a Crypt Denizen’s Location is ever any value that is not the name of a map cell, it is slain. When a Crypt Denizen is slain, it is removed from the game and gamestate.

The following Denizen Traits can be held by Crypt Denizens:
* Evasive: The first time the Denizen would be slain during each Enter the Crypt atomic action, it instead changes its Location to a randomly-selected explored room that is orthogonally adjacent to its current Location.

Add a Crypt Denizen named “Laughing Gargoyle” with Brutality 0, Cunning 2, the “Evasive” Trait, the Location “Shattered stairway”, and the Sycophancy “None”.

how do we feel about dungeon monsters (and potentially minions)?


Clucky: HE/HIM

10-06-2021 04:01:59 UTC

Was thinking something like this would be good for

Raven1207: HE/HIM

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Kevan: HE/HIM

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Darknight: HE/HIM

10-06-2021 12:11:47 UTC



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Jason: HE/HIM

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