Thursday, July 06, 2017

Proposal: Dear Diary

Timed out 5-2 with 1 DEF. Enacted by card.

Adminned at 08 Jul 2017 16:06:48 UTC

Enact a subrule to “Victory” called “Diary Entries”:-

Any Explorer may send a Diary Entry to the Expedition Leader via private message, to be found embedded in the snow and ice a hundred years from now. A Diary Entry must list each Explorer (except the Expedition Leader) exactly once, and suspect exactly two different Backgrounds for each of those Explorers.

A suspected Background is correct if the Explorer it refers to has that Background, and false otherwise. A Diary Entry’s score is equal to the number of correct suspected Backgrounds that it contains. If a single Explorer submits multiple Diary Entries, all of those Diary Entries beyond the first instead have a score of zero.

If the date is on or after the 12th of July 2017, or if the Expedition Leader has received a Diary Entry from every other Explorer, then the Expedition Leader should make a blog post listing the scores of all Diary Entries received. Upon doing so, the Explorer who sent the Diary Entry with the single highest score achieves victory. (If this is tied, the tied Explorer to have made a proposal earliest in the current dynasty achieves victory.)

Delete the text “A Cultist may never achieve Victory if they haven’t Unveiled, or if their latest Unveiling post contains declarations which are not accurate. When a Cultist achieves Victory, they achieve Victory collectively with all the other Cultists whom they named in their latest Unveiling post, if there are any.” from the rule “Victory”.

Suggesting ending the dynasty with an informational showdown.



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07-06-2017 15:33:54 UTC

This makes yourself and co-conspirators have the highest chance of winning, because coordinated cultists would’ve revealed their Backgrounds to the team in secret anyway. against

(It’s totally possible for anyone to Sudoku the Reports as well as use social deduction to figure roles out, but a clear role confession is much better than any of that.)


07-06-2017 16:08:10 UTC

I think you’re overestimating how much and how truthfully Cultists have been communicating. There’s been no gameplay incentive for them to truthfully share their other backgrounds with one another, and some incentive to lie.


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07-06-2017 17:51:32 UTC

imperial I can’t decide whether I like the Dynasty ending like this, or not.


07-06-2017 18:48:41 UTC

@Kevan: I haven’t found anyone lying yet in private communications. I feel like inter-Dynastic private trust is too much of an asset to lose for just one victory (or at least, I feel so, and this same “problem” happened in your previous secret-info Dynasty. Nobody really lied to me, at most, they just declined saying anything).


07-06-2017 21:54:07 UTC

The cultist comment I’m worried about, and also that this could discourage a military person gunning Kevan down.  against


07-06-2017 22:16:07 UTC

There’s a quote in Stephen King’s Christine about how there are way too many high school boys and girls who are attracted to each other, but never make it past the insurmountable barrier “I can’t tell the other one how I feel because they might not feel the same about me”

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

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07-07-2017 04:18:49 UTC

“There’s been no gameplay incentive for them to truthfully share their other backgrounds with one another”
Well there was that whole, “if a cultist declares victory, they all win” rule.


07-07-2017 07:55:41 UTC

[Cuddlebeam] Didn’t we have a “if a player has the plague, they must lie about it if asked” rule? I was going to propose a similar one here, but when it occurred to me the timing would have looked suspicious.

[card] How is that an incentive for a Cultist to tell another Cultist what his second background is? You might reveal it if you’re plotting a mechanical victory that requires certain backgrounds, but it seems to make sense to keep this information need-to-know, otherwise.


07-07-2017 08:16:21 UTC

@Kevan: It was proposed but it failed:


07-07-2017 09:43:16 UTC

Ah, well we did it successfully in the dynasty before that one.


07-07-2017 09:48:30 UTC

@Kevan: Ah. Different metagames then.

I think that the appropriate answer for if lying is something desirable or not would be then that it depends on the consensus at the time, with no atemporal superior choice.