Sunday, March 19, 2006

Proposal: Dear Future Self: Fuck You

2-8. Timed out. Failed by Elias IX

Adminned at 21 Mar 2006 14:02:17 UTC

Add a new rule, entitled Suspention of Production:

As soon as a Declaration of Victory passes, but before any rules may be repealed by the new Ché-Háme-Háme, the GNDT valued for every Gostak are notated to the wiki, at the page pointed to by the following URL:; then every rule is stored on the same page and then repealed, including this one. This action may take place in Haitus.

Add a new Law, entitled A Slightly More Confusing Tomorrow:

At 12 noon, GMT on August 24th, 2006, the rules contained on the wiki page are added to the ruleset, renumbered so that they appear at the end of the Rules section of the ruleset, after any existing rules. GNDT values for the restored fields are restored for any Gostaks who have data notated in the wiki. The GNDT values of and idle Gostak may be appropriated by any existing Gostak for no notated data exists, on a first-come first-served basis.

If the term ‘Gostak’ in this rule is changed at any time, then change all instances of the term ‘Gostak’ at The contents of may not be changed at any other time. The contents of that page are not considerd to be Gamestate under any rule except this one.

All comments containing votes that will be counted FOR this proposal may contain a number between one and ten. The enacting admin must roll DICE10 in the GNDT when enacting this proposal. The result should be entered into the Admin box upon enactment. Any Gostak with the same number next to their vote may declare victory. Only one Gostak may declare victory in this way.



03-19-2006 12:50:07 UTC



03-19-2006 14:08:27 UTC



03-19-2006 15:13:19 UTC

against due to the possibility that nobody will be able to declare victory before August 24, thus destroying the entire ruleset.


03-19-2006 16:00:57 UTC



03-19-2006 17:48:39 UTC



03-19-2006 18:50:31 UTC



03-19-2006 20:41:51 UTC

for 8


03-19-2006 22:00:58 UTC

against  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


03-19-2006 23:16:01 UTC

against CoV if Bucky is going to do this.  A number between 1 and 10 I read as one number between 1 and 10.


03-20-2006 01:07:15 UTC

I just think the whole thing’s a bad idea.


03-20-2006 04:26:00 UTC

I was kinda following along up until the end there. Then I was like woah,  against !

The Lone Amigo:

03-20-2006 09:31:17 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

03-20-2006 22:44:37 UTC