Saturday, July 23, 2011

Call for Judgment: Doctor29’s foul

Does not offer any gamestate change -coppro

Adminned at 23 Jul 2011 12:14:09 UTC

As I understand it, since the rules on fouls state that a Gladiator should undo their own mistake, shouldn’t Doctor29 receive a foul for attempting to enter the arena onto a non-empty square?

As part of a slightly different discussion (though not part of this current CfJ), doesn’t this rule require a certain level of activity on the part of the Announcer?


Kevan: HE/HIM

23-07-2011 16:00:49 UTC

This isn’t a CfJ, as it doesn’t suggest any specific form of resolution, so there’s nothing for us to vote FOR or AGAINST. If you want to start an informal discussion about some aspect of the game, though, that’s fine - just make a normal post.

But yes, Doctor29’s attempt to enter the Arena on top of a crate broke the “Gladiator may enter the Arena by occupying a single Empty Entry Point” rule, and Coppro reverted it, so Doctor29 has committed a Foul.

The Announcer has until midnight tonight to award that Foul. Maybe it’s worth bumping that time restriction up, if Bucky doesn’t have as much spare time as he’d hope, at the moment - it looks like it might be okay if any player can point out a Foul in a blog post, to get his attention.


23-07-2011 16:13:25 UTC

Does it need to be the Announcer who awards fouls, except for thematic reasons?


23-07-2011 16:49:25 UTC

IMO, the fouls rule is very sketchily worded, seeing as how “attempted” or “illegal” modifications are not technically gamestate.  Putting this kind of decision making in the hands of non-Announcers could potentially lead to a lot of messy issues.  This way, only the Announcer (who also is supposed to be bias-free) can award them.  Of course, this hinges on the fact that the Announcer is actively watching the gamestate and checking in every day.


23-07-2011 16:54:08 UTC

On a similar note, the rule specifically says “If the Announcer decides…”  If you were to change that to “If any Gladiator decides…”, then I could come up and say that I have decided that everyone else has made an illegal modification (even if they haven’t) and thereby give everyone else a foul.

At that point, everyone will end up gaining 1 foul per day (as limited by the rule), and it effectively prevents anyone from winning.

Kevan: HE/HIM

23-07-2011 17:04:32 UTC

Yes, this was deliberately written as a judgment call from the Announcer, per the proposal’s flavour text. I suppose an alternative would be to allow slot-ignoring proposals to award Fouls, so that a quorum of players have to agree.