Friday, March 10, 2006

EcoDosh Mission statement

Since 2006, EcoDosh has been working to promote the enrichment of all Gostaks by coordinating Dosh production.  Our Goal is to provide a guaranteed income of Dosh to all Gostaks, while battling the Shinny Demon threat. 

In order for this to occur, we must live in harmony with our fellow Gostaks.  We must not allow individual greed to overcome our values of fairness, social justice and anti-demonism.  To do this, we must coordinate our movements in and through the Distimmery to maximize Dosh production.  Precision is critical, for a single Shiny Demon could mean the loss of over six dosh per day.

In today’s building, there is a tremendous gap between the elite and the common Gostak.  The top .000001% of the Gostaks have about 99.995% percent of the dosh, leaving the rest of us with practically nothing.  And meanwhile the Shiny Demon Lord lurks in the HR Office, gaining strength.

Therefore, we at EcoDosh propose the following plan:
1)Move exactly 6 Gostaks into the Distimmery.  Have them each Distimm 6 Dosh per day, for a total of 36 dosh.

2)Distribute the Dosh to other Gostaks at a rate of at least 1 per day.

3)Distribute the remaining Dosh evenly among the EcoDosh members.

4)If any other Gostak interferes with Dosh production, move them using emotion control.  We hope other Gostaks who are happy about the steady stream of income will join us in protecting the Dosh supply.

We hope these measures will allow all Gostaks to be happy and fulfilled.

EcoDosh members should show their support for this mission statement by commenting for.

If we are allowed to have a charter,  we should make the charter based on this.


Angry Grasshopper:

03-10-2006 23:07:52 UTC

for From each Gostak according to their ability!

Elias IX:

03-11-2006 02:04:31 UTC

for, as if this capitalistic madness continues, then I have no choice but to run with it.

Elias IX:

03-11-2006 02:12:24 UTC

Aun si no es una propuesta… no sé porque voté.


03-11-2006 03:34:36 UTC

against each gostak ALSO according to their ability, and to hell with needs.  Your bloody socialism steals the rewards from the people who worked for them!  Yes, my vote does nothing to you crazy econerds, but Postom and Bankford shall crush you upstarts like bugs.
(scaramouche loves the RP!)


03-11-2006 04:19:32 UTC

You were not invited, Mr. P&B!


03-11-2006 16:45:52 UTC



03-11-2006 16:49:34 UTC

imperial CoV


03-11-2006 20:50:34 UTC