Saturday, March 18, 2006

either Associated Press or Reuters currently has the following active gostaks:  Angry Grasshopper, Banja, Bucky, Ciaran, Elias IX, Excalabur, Hix, Igthorn, Josh, Kevan, lars atomica, Pangolin, Personman, predisastered, Quazie, Ralff, Purplebeard, Rodney, Scaramouche, ShadowClaw, Smith, The Lone Amigo.

Does this mean everyone gets 100 dosh?



03-19-2006 02:23:50 UTC

In my opinion, no.  The either…or construction implied that there were two separate options, not one option that incorporates “either” and “or” into the label.


03-20-2006 03:22:49 UTC

This is the crux of the naming problem, which we still have. You say I have pushed it too far, and your ‘reuters’ proposal did not, but where do you draw the line?