Monday, May 25, 2009

Call for Judgment: Evidently, Not Good Enough

Passed 10-3—Rodlen

Adminned at 29 May 2009 22:02:52 UTC

Any post made by a Contestant while in any room other than the Diary Room is not a Diary Entry, and never can be.

It was actually really hard to phrase this acceptably. This is in response to arthexis’ last “Diary Entry,” which was made outside of the Diary Room. Under the terms of the CfJ immediately before this one, arthexis’ entry might have been considered a legitimate Diary Entry, as an “indisputable attempt.”



05-25-2009 05:19:19 UTC



05-25-2009 14:36:01 UTC



05-25-2009 16:52:19 UTC

against The rules already say this, so it makes no difference to state it again.


05-25-2009 18:05:41 UTC

The other CfJ circumvents the Diary Entry rules. This CfJ clarifies in what way the Diary rules can be circumvented; namely, that the conditions for making a Diary Entry have to exist for a Diary Entry to exist, no matter what “attempt” is going on.


05-25-2009 19:27:02 UTC



05-25-2009 19:47:52 UTC

Shouldn’t we just be correcting the overly-strict rule, rather than mucking around with an ongoing, unwritten consensus?


05-25-2009 20:19:10 UTC

Go right ahead.


05-25-2009 22:03:42 UTC

for although I’m getting confused to what ongoing effect a CfJ can have on the gamestate, apart from to make one-off corrections to it.


05-25-2009 22:37:52 UTC



05-26-2009 00:27:47 UTC



05-26-2009 00:32:12 UTC

against Because it goes against my evil ploy, lol


05-26-2009 06:12:08 UTC

for Because it goes against his evil ploy.


05-26-2009 09:17:37 UTC

against Technically, I don’t think this changes any rules or changes the gamestate. According to rule 1.6 this means it can be failed automatically since it doesn’t actually do anything, other than just stating something. Since nobody has commented on that before me, am I missing something?


05-26-2009 14:40:45 UTC

The only manner in which this changes the Gamestate currently is by guaranteeing that arthexis’ post is not a Diary Entry. Bucky and has suggested that the post could be a Diary Entry, even though it was made outside of the Diary Room, because of the latest CfJ. A vote For this CfJ is a vote certifying that that post is not a Diary Entry, and that similar posts cannot be Diary Entries.


05-26-2009 14:41:11 UTC

for I checked out for a couple of days and missed this whole debate. Perhaps because I wrote it, I don’t see how the rule was too strict, or more specifically, I don’t see how it could have been less strict and not invite precisely this type of abuse. As to SingularByte’s comment, since legitimate diary posts are part of the gamestate but illegitimate ones are not (any more than “unidle” posts are), I read this CfJ as a declaration that arthexis’ last diary entry is not part of the gamestate.


05-27-2009 02:34:34 UTC

for @SingularByte, the CfJ “Good Enough” changed the gamestate by creating a persistent override of a rule in the ruleset. This CfJ would undo that, so it does affect the gamestate.


05-28-2009 18:05:32 UTC

9-3 right now.


05-29-2009 02:54:02 UTC