Saturday, December 16, 2017

Proposal: Farming

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 17 Dec 2017 15:31:55 UTC

If “Location Abilities” did not pass, this proposal has no effect.

Add a new rule called “Potatoes”:

Each Failed Experiment has a number of Potatoes, defaulting to 0, and tracked in the GNDT. As a weekly action, any Failed Experiment can eat from 1-5 Potatoes, reducing their Potatoes by that number. Each Potato a Failed Experiment eats reduces their hunger by 2.

Replace “Fields: Performing this Location Action does nothing.” with

Fields: You can plant or harvest potatoes. Increase or decrease your Potatoes by 1, or, if the last time you took this action, you decreased your Potatoes by 1, you may instead increase your Potatoes by 2.

Add an ability to the Ability list:

  • Potato Whisperer (Manifest 50): When a Failed Experiment with Potato Whisperer harvests Potatoes, they may gain 1 more Potato then they normally would.



12-16-2017 19:28:34 UTC

Lol for

Kevan: HE/HIM

12-16-2017 19:58:58 UTC

imperial Seems a bit niche.


12-16-2017 23:32:59 UTC


Two problems here. First, planting and then harvesting gives no more potatoes than simply harvesting each time.

Also, the overall benefit is too minimal. For someone without Potato Whisperer, the best you can get is 1 potato a week, and considering a dynasty lasts on average 1 month, that makes 4 potatoes for 8 hunger. With Potato Whisperer, you can get up to 8 potatoes, for 16 hunger. In the same timeframe a Greenback can restore 30 hunger to anyone without needing to come back to the fields, so there is no incentive to take this ability.

Anways I like how the fields give no location benefit. You have to cross them to get to the forest for food, or to the city for health. If you increase the benefits of potatoes, it annuls the need to go to the forest.


12-17-2017 01:21:31 UTC

Fair enough. I wasn’t entirely expecting this to pass.


12-17-2017 14:14:34 UTC

against Self-killing