Friday, April 14, 2017

Story Post: First player auction: Yves Chienroi

Name: Yves Chienroi
Level: 8
Favorite Fruit: Banana
Country: Pays-Loups
Bio: Played part-time in some smaller Bloggsball leagues a few years ago. Loves the game and sees the walk-out as their big opportunity.



04-14-2017 20:22:41 UTC

I bid -2,000,000$! We have a spot on our team, if you really want to play! join the big leagues! make something of yourself!

(no substitutions, exchanges, or refunds!)

Oracular rufio:

04-15-2017 04:12:30 UTC

I bid $0.


04-15-2017 15:43:27 UTC

I bid 10$


04-15-2017 17:13:32 UTC

I bid $1.


04-15-2017 21:40:51 UTC

This auction is now closed. Maldor employs Yves, who thankfully will not be looking up Pays-Loups’ minimum wage laws.