Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Forgotten Gold

Cuddlebeam just gave themselves +1 Gold with a comment of ”(Forgot. Got that Gold.)”

Where did this come from? Was it meant to be a Lore increase from talking to the crew of the Caine? (And is it legal to apply it as “forgotten” when the time has now passed for such an action to be taken, given that the action explicitly requires that the player “increases their Lore” rather than a platonic “the player’s Lore is increased”?)



13-06-2018 19:58:24 UTC

Yes, it’s that. Sorry, I fucked up; haven’t paying enough attention to the game.

(I’ll likely idle after this dynasty.)

Kevan: City he/him

13-06-2018 21:31:57 UTC

Okay, looks like you’ve swapped it for Lore. Can you clarify why you believe this to be legal?


13-06-2018 22:01:00 UTC

I thought Lore was the reward. But, I’ll remove it. I’m not entirely sure what’s supposed to happen because I haven’t read the rules lately.