Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[General’s Order] Doubt is against regulation

1. A Soldier shall not make a post or comment with a question about the existance of the Enemy.

-Arth disputed this, no response.
2. A Soldier shall not make a post or comment with a question about the lack of Skirmishes - Disputed by Rodlen, no response.

3. A Soldier shall not make a post or comment with a question about the lack of available weapons.

- Rule disputed by Rodlen, no reponse, Rodlen gains 5 loyalty

4. A Soldier shall not make a post containing the letter Q. Comments are acceptable

-This rule has been disputed and removed




02-17-2009 23:10:01 UTC

Disputing order #4
Reasons: What the?!? Why? The others are fair to reduce heckling, but this? Really? Q’s are often an intergral part of posts. Plus you just broke your own rule ; ).

Darknight: HE/HIM

02-17-2009 23:14:43 UTC

Disputing order #4 as well.

Reason: Makes no sense to bar a letter’s use. Also, the second half of the order could be considered flavor text and therefor not part of the order.


02-17-2009 23:14:44 UTC

Disputing Order #4
Reasons: How am I ever gonna become an admin?  : (


02-17-2009 23:14:49 UTC

Query: Quoth Quincey Questioning Quite Quaintly how Qualified the Quarantine of Q is…

(no dispute, just fun to try and write.)


02-17-2009 23:15:46 UTC

While it is understandable that the presence of the letter Q is often times helpful, it is important to realize that the letter was first invented by the Enemy.  We do not wish to advertise to them that we are, in fact, using their letters.

It should also be noted that these rules do not apply retroactively, thus it is impossible for them to be broken within the post which they are made.


02-17-2009 23:15:52 UTC

LOL qwaz can’t be in anything…


02-17-2009 23:16:45 UTC

Darknight: Yes, that was the point, I was highlighting the fact that comment was not stated in the rule, unlike the others.

Uh…does everyone that disputed the rule lose loyalty? Or just wak?


02-17-2009 23:17:45 UTC

Wait, am I the enemy? Who is Tyler Durden?

Darknight: HE/HIM

02-17-2009 23:20:45 UTC

The wording of this rule seems very mucked up


02-17-2009 23:21:37 UTC

well, I propose someone clean it up then.  I’m busy killing myself.


02-17-2009 23:22:59 UTC

“Do something to player X where X is replaced by the first name mentioned in a comment to this proposal by the creator of this proposal.” A bit complicated but it works. Bit useless now the order has been removed though.


02-17-2009 23:23:25 UTC

But deadness seems less of an obstacle nowdays…


02-17-2009 23:24:11 UTC



02-18-2009 00:10:46 UTC

I’m only expected to follow orders. I don’t have to, so:

Does the Enemy even exist? Why aren’t we getting any Skirmishes? Why aren’t there any available weapons?


02-18-2009 00:12:59 UTC

Yes. The enemy is you. *shoots*


02-18-2009 00:17:48 UTC

We have great weapons.  Skirmishes are our heroic battles that we shall WAGE!!!! The Enemy is Eastasia…Eurasia…Eastasia…Eurasia…DAMMIT.


02-18-2009 17:54:59 UTC

Disputing Order #3

Reason: Anybody who asks a question about the lack of weapons would be an idiot, as we have many great and amazing weapons.  That is enough of a punishment.


02-19-2009 05:58:24 UTC

Disputing Order #1

The order is badly written (Sorry to tell you this General, but a brave soldier must always speak the truth). The way it is written, it allows traitors to actually declare the non existance of the enemy in an imperative manner! This is clearly against the spirit of the order and should be corrected with new orders.


02-21-2009 03:15:06 UTC

Dispution Order #2

Reason: Outdated.  We have had our first great battle.  We no longer lack skirmishes.


02-21-2009 03:15:07 UTC

Disputing Order #2

Reason: There is no longer any “lack of Skirmishes” to question.


02-21-2009 03:15:25 UTC

HA! I was first!


02-21-2009 03:16:26 UTC

By 1 second. Wow.


02-21-2009 03:17:02 UTC

For once, I actually posted at the same time as Rodlen.


02-21-2009 03:17:55 UTC

No.  One second too slow.


02-21-2009 03:19:11 UTC

Still, it was incredibly close. I bet I clicked the submit button at the same time as you, my net’s just incredibly slow.


02-21-2009 04:06:19 UTC

Amni: Answer, quick!


02-21-2009 05:03:44 UTC

Does the Enemy even exist? Why are there no Skirmishes?


02-21-2009 21:48:55 UTC

Disputing Order #27

Reason: This order makes no sense whatsoever.


02-21-2009 23:25:30 UTC

There is no order #27.


02-22-2009 00:20:26 UTC

That’s why it makes no sense.


02-22-2009 01:03:45 UTC

So what are you trying to gain from disputing a non-existant rule?


02-22-2009 01:29:12 UTC

...some of us play for fun, you know.