Thursday, October 08, 2020

Proposal: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines, And May The Best Island {raises arm} Win

Adminned at 11 Oct 2020 03:59:23 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset as a sub-rule to the rule Island Characteristics, called Natural Monuments:

At any time there are n current monument slots, where n is the number of Islands minus 1, which are tracked in the Great Sea page of the wiki. A monument slot may be occupied by a monument or empty, and defaults to empty.

A monument must have a name, which is always flavour text, a land cost and an effect. All of the monuments that have existed in the game so far are listed (with their variables) at the bottom of the Great Sea page of the wiki.

Islands may contain monuments, and every monument that is owned by an Island must be placed on a level of that Island. A monument may not be placed on a level if placing that monument would result in the monuments of that level having a higher land cost than the amount of land on that level. Monuments held by each Island are tracked by adding their name in square brackets after the land value of that level in the Land column on the Great Sea page of the wiki.

Monuments may have a one-off or repeating effect. If it has a repeating effect then its effect is applied every time the Glisten overground action is taken by an Island. If it has a one-off effect then it is applied when it is taken.

Add a new subrule to that rule, called Generating New Monuments:

Whenever a rule requires monuments to be generated, the following atomic action must be taken:

* Roll DICE5. If the result is a 1 then randomly select an existing monument and include that with no alterations. Skip the rest of this action.
* Roll DICE9. The result is the land cost for that monument.
* Randomly select whether the monument is one-off or repeating.
* Randomly select from the pool of default or orphan dice faces, omitting all “no effect"s and keeping only one copy of any duplicated effects. If that face has a number in it, roll DICE4 and multiply the number in the dice face by the result. That is the effect of the monument.
* Give it a name

In the rule Turns, add the following as the third bullet point in the atomic action for generating time:

* DELAY: Generate a monument for every monument slot

In the same rule, in the atomic action for taking a turn, add the following as a new underground action:

** DELAY: Extrude: Remove a monument from the available monument slots. Add that monument to your Island if you can.

In the same action, add the following as a new overground action:

** DELAY: Glisten: Apply the effects of any monuments on your Island with repeating effects.

Timed out. With two def votes but Josh’s vote FOR, it passes 4-1—Clucky


derrick: HE/HIM

10-08-2020 18:20:50 UTC


I’d vote for, save for the n-1 clause.

Raven1207: HE/HIM

10-08-2020 18:32:38 UTC



10-09-2020 05:45:44 UTC

Very tentative for

I like the idea, but I’m not a huge fan of the way that this rewards players for being on right when a new round starts so that they can snag the best monuments. There are some really good effects. This introduces a significant luck factor, where someone can get a small monument that gives them 30 mana a turn while someone else doesn’t get on in time and so can’t even get a new monument.

ideas that I think could make stuff better:

1) have a rotating “monument board” of say, three monuments, and if you build a monument from the board you then replace it with another one.

2) tie more powerful monument effects to larger monuments

3) would be really nice if we could tie monuments into features. like make a monument require a cave or a river or something.

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-09-2020 16:10:51 UTC

against This feels like a lot of additional complexity when we can already do a somewhat similar thing by Adjusting a new Die into existence and putting an Orphan face on it.