Friday, December 23, 2005

Proposal: Glue, part I

6-2, timed out. Enacted by Saurik.

Adminned at 25 Dec 2005 02:53:46 UTC

Between the two sections of Rule 2.3 Narrative, add the following section:

==== Owned Threads and others ====

Each Protagonist owns a single Thread, and no Thread may have more than one owner.  Each owned Thread is titled “[Owner’s name]‘s Thread”, with [Owner’s name] replaced by the owner’s name.  Owned threads should be arranged alphabetically by title.  Whenever a Rule states that a Protagonist may change a Thread, it refers only to a Thread owned by that Protagonist, unless otherwise stated.

There is also a Thread titled “The Master Thread.”  It is not owned.  It may only be edited by the Narrator, without exception.  It may be edited as often as the Narrator wishes, in any way that he wishes, ‘’‘except’‘’ that it must obey the limitations in the “Definitions” section.  The Master Thread is always at the top of the [[Threads]] page, regardless of alphabetization.  ‘‘The Narrator also owns a Thread, as described above.’‘

There is also a Thread titled “The Sandbox.”  Any Protagonist may change this Thread, in addition to eir own Thread, as allowed by the Ruleset, ‘’‘except’‘’ that no Action, Result, or Prompt in The Sandbox may change gamestate other than its own existence, under any circumstance.  ‘‘In other words, if a Protagonist is allowed to add two Commands daily, he may add two Commands to his own Thread ‘’‘and’‘’ two Commands to the Sandbox in the same day.’‘

Rename “Initial Thread” to “The Sandbox”, and create the Threads this section prescribes.


Elias IX:

12-23-2005 16:25:44 UTC

for  for  for Soon we can start exploiting things.


12-23-2005 17:41:15 UTC

for It’s overdue!


12-23-2005 19:08:44 UTC

for  Wooo!


12-23-2005 19:37:18 UTC


The Lone Amigo:

12-23-2005 23:37:07 UTC



12-24-2005 02:47:07 UTC

against I like the idea of different people doing the commands and their subsequent results. This way we are each locked into our own threads.


12-24-2005 03:33:51 UTC