Sunday, April 23, 2017

Proposal: Going Once

7 to 1 at 48 hours. Enacted by derrick.

Adminned at 25 Apr 2017 23:44:51 UTC

Create a new rule, “Auctions”:

An Auction is a post auctioning off the employment of a Blogger. To create an Auction, a Manager, henceforth referred to as the Auctioneer, creates a story post containing the identity of the Blogger being auctioned and the Duration of the auction. Managers may not create Auctions except where specified elsewhere in the Ruleset.

Any comment on an Auction that contains the string “I bid $X” or “I bid £X” is a valid bid of value X if X is an unambiguous positive integer. Any of the following conditions being met makes a bid invalid:

* The bidding Manager already employing three Bloggers.
* The bidding Manager having less Cash than the value of the bid.
* The bidding Manager becoming idle or otherwise not a Manager.
* A previous bid on this post was made for a higher amount.

After the Auction has been posted for longer than the Auction’s Duration, the Auctioneer may close the auction by noting this in a comment. When the auction is closed, the Manager who had the valid bid with the highest value X that is at least 10% greater than the next highest valid bid on that post (or is the only valid bid on that post) spends X from their Cash to employ that Blogger, and if the Auction designates a Payee, the Payee gains X to their Cash. If there are no valid bids on this Auction when it is closed, no Manager employs that player and the player is not tracked on Blogger Roster.

In “Recruitment”, replace the paragraphs from “At any time, the Commissioner…” to “...and the player is not tracked on Blogger Roster.” with:

At any time, the Commissioner may create a new unemployed Blogger, determining their Name, Favorite Fruit, Country, and Bio. Their Level is determined by the sum of 3 DICE6 rolled in the GNDT. Each stat is determined by 2 DICE4, +2 rolled in the GNDT (each stat receives its own roll). That Commissioner then creates an Auction with that Blogger’s information; this Auction has no Payee and a duration of 48 hours.

In “Trading”, replace the text from “As an action (without limitation of time), a manager may put a bloggsball player (from their team) up for auction.” to “...added to the cash of the Manager (of the team on which the player currently plays).” with:

At any time, a Manager can create an Auction for a Blogger they employ with a Duration of their choice. That Blogger then does not count as employed by the auctioning Manager for the purposes of all rules. The Payee of the Auction is the Manager who created it.

We now have two almost-identical auction implementations. This combines them, and as a bonus unclutters the “Recruitment” rule.


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-23-2017 22:42:12 UTC

Could you clarify which “As an action (without limitation of time)...”, you refer to.


04-23-2017 23:03:40 UTC

Ah, good catch. Clarified.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-23-2017 23:42:15 UTC


Oracular rufio:

04-24-2017 03:05:03 UTC

Damn, I was going to ask you to make a tiny fix that I’ve been meaning to make.  Oh well, I’ll just make another proposal later.



04-24-2017 10:45:19 UTC



04-24-2017 13:27:35 UTC

for Got to get around to making it so manager-started auctions default to him keeping the blogger: otherwise there is no reason to use personnel problems.


04-24-2017 16:25:47 UTC


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-25-2017 10:14:36 UTC

derrick, you could also do this by adding a tax on auctions.


04-25-2017 16:10:43 UTC