Friday, June 26, 2015

Story Post: Golden Ticket (Bid Post)

“I’m afraid our time in this facility grows short,” says the Attendant, grinning broadly, voice strained. “The Emperor’s warp signature has just been detected out near Pluto, and the emergency shutdown process has initiated. I do believe it will be rather violent! We can exit through the old volcano tunnel, of course, but we will have to leave our work here behind. To attempt to make use of what we have so far bears certain risks, but I for one shall not shrink from them. Shall we toast together, mighty Kaiju?” The Attendant lifts a beaker and sloshes it with one trembling hand. “To progress!”

Bids for the next set of Lab Tokens will now be accepted.



06-29-2015 15:53:46 UTC

Kevan was the only bidder, and receives two Lab Tokens.


06-29-2015 15:56:22 UTC

... or one Lab Token. Hmm.