Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Proposal: Grand Unified Dilemma

Timed out 1 vote to 2. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 14 Oct 2018 18:34:04 UTC

Each Program has a numerical amount of Energy, tracked in the GNDT and defaulting to zero

Each Program has a numerical amount of Energy, tracked in the GNDT and defaulting to 2

Add to the rule "Terminals":
All programs whose Cores are not breached have access to all programs whose cores are breached

Add to the global variables section:
var IO = `__IO`;

__IO is replaced by a single backquote (`) surrounding the text copied from the rule titled “I/O Tower”

__IO is replaced by the text copied from the rule titled “I/O Tower”

firewallDictionary[program.shift()] = program;

firewallDictionary[program.shift()] =>row.split(''));

Add to the runAccessCodes function :

if(accessCode == '*'){
if(checkIsNot(actingProgram,"__PROGRAM","Illegal execution! Your program name must be provided!") &&
checkIsNot(IO,`__IO`,"Illegal execution! The IO tower must be provided!")
var program = getProgramInfo(actingProgram);
var chaos = (program[2].charCodeAt(0)+program[2].charCodeAt(1))%5;
printLine("INC "+actingProgram[0]);
var firewall = makeFirewallDictionary(IO);
for(var i = 0;i firewall[program[0]][randBetween(0,7)][randBetween(0,7)]='*';
printLine("SET "+program[0]+" FIREWALL TO "+fireWallToString(firewall[program[0]]));

add a function to the Master Control Program:
function fireWallToString(firewall){

Add to the list of square bracket formats in the rule "Running the program":
*[SET ENTITY FIREWALL TO X] Set the firewall of the specified entity to the value stated in X
Ok, this is a handful, and perhaps a touch ambitious. The idea is to bring together access, breaching, and energy. We have two ways to win. This allows you to progress towards one at the expense of the other, but in a random "Will this hurt me or not?" way. It also ties in output state as effecting the risk of increasing your energy.

The access code replaces between 0 and 4 random positions in your firewall with asterisks, depending on what your output state is, and increases your energy.

A number of fixes and tweaks are included as well.



10-11-2018 09:26:36 UTC



10-11-2018 21:21:45 UTC

against Because I’m starting to sour on the tower mechanics after all.


10-14-2018 18:33:36 UTC

Inclined to agree.