Monday, August 16, 2010

Proposal: Hold out your hand, please

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 17 Aug 2010 05:05:19 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule, entitled Occupational Destiny:

Each Eathling’s Job is tracked in the GNDT. An Earthling’s Job is the job title generated by this tool when fed that Earthling’s name (either one of the male or female results may be chosen). A new Earthling has 24 hours to update their Job in the GNDT; after this, any other Earthling may do it for them.

Once added to the GNDT, an Earthling’s job may never be changed.


Ienpw III:

08-16-2010 22:07:52 UTC



08-16-2010 22:29:30 UTC



08-16-2010 22:36:25 UTC

24 hours? Seriously?

I don’t have time to play that fast; could someone please idle me?


08-16-2010 22:38:46 UTC

If you miss the 24 hour mark, the only consequence is that someone else gets to choose between the male and female results.  In my case, I’d have to be a “Chicken sexer” either way.


08-16-2010 22:40:16 UTC

The ruleset requires players to do so; not doing so would thus be cheating, and the ruleset requires players to obey the rules.

Thus, my only solution here - assuming I won’t have time to do it in the next 24 hours, which is quite possible because I’m about to go home and am busy tomorrow - is to idle before the rule passes.


08-16-2010 22:43:18 UTC

for We will forgive you cheating (since the result is covered in the rule), just this one time.

However, as far as I can tell, Earthlings who are not “new” (aka that are already in the GNDT?) have no way to add a job.


08-16-2010 22:54:08 UTC

Quaz - I think that can be hand-waved away by the argument that the GNDT is a reflection of the gamestate, rather than being gamestate itself, and that an Earthling’s job is defined in the gamestate by the rule, so the GNDT can be updated to reflect that.


08-16-2010 23:30:24 UTC

Earthlings that are not “new” do not have to add their Job to the GNDT, however, so they can vacillate about which option (male or female) they are going for.


08-16-2010 23:31:42 UTC

for lilomar, the Junk mail co-ordinator, reporting for duty!


08-16-2010 23:42:05 UTC

for from prince to street preacher? How far I have fallen—and how far I have risen!


08-16-2010 23:44:18 UTC

CoV against given that I am either a roadkill cleaner or a make-up artist for corpses. Lol


08-16-2010 23:49:16 UTC

I’m a new earthling since I’m less than 5 years old. I may now generate my job.  for


08-17-2010 00:18:01 UTC

against  as per Qwazukee.  This particular generator generates some rather disturbing jobs.

Also, this rule acts buggy in case of a name change.


08-17-2010 01:01:24 UTC

against I don’t wanna be a chicken sexer…

Ienpw III:

08-17-2010 01:04:59 UTC

RoV for I am also a chicken sexer.


08-17-2010 01:13:29 UTC

We sure do have a lot of chicken sexers. (I know someone who sexes chickens irl, although I doubt they would use that as their job descriptor.

Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea.. to sex a chicken is to check to see which gender it is.


08-17-2010 01:53:10 UTC

against because of the use of such a strange out-of-nomic tool. What’s about a list of female/male jobs, a gender gndt-column and a duty of the Professor to choose jobs?


08-17-2010 02:51:55 UTC

against Only because having a Porn star in the gamestate might be….odd


08-17-2010 03:37:03 UTC

CoV against per the rest of the AGAINST votes


08-17-2010 04:07:50 UTC



08-17-2010 06:10:40 UTC

I am confused by this reversal of fortunes.

@Keba - that sounds like a huge amount of work when there’s a tool which will just do it for us.


08-17-2010 08:14:44 UTC



08-17-2010 08:33:29 UTC

against Ugh, trying this with some random words, at least half of them seem to resolve to things like “crackwhore”, “married to a rich man”, “gay porn star”, “call girl”. Even if all our names resolve to reasonable things, I wouldn’t wish that sense of humour on future players. Let’s just have a wiki page list and a GNDT dice roll.


08-17-2010 08:35:46 UTC

I admit, I didn’t test it extensively.

I would s/k this, but I don’t really want to send Future Stock down with it. Might be too late to propose a fix though.


08-17-2010 12:04:53 UTC

against s/k