Monday, November 17, 2008

Proposal: I like to move it move it

Fails at 1-9. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 18 Nov 2008 02:21:46 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Step outside for a moment” fails, this proposal does nothing.

Create a sub-rule of Locations called Movement points with the following text:

Each Character has a GNDT-tracked statistic called Movement Points which is an integer.  No Character can take an action that would set their Movement Points less than zero.  As a weekly action, each Character has their Movement Points increased by one.  If a Character changes his Location, subtract one Movement Point from the Movement Points statistic.

If we set up movement like this, you can do things like acquire more movement points to simulate vehicles and the like.  There’s nothing necessarily new in this rule except that it tracks the weekly movement and opens the door for further development.



11-17-2008 18:49:47 UTC

against Then we are back to only being able to move once per week.


11-17-2008 18:53:47 UTC

against Make getting movement points a daily action. Unless thats too much

Hello Sailor:

11-17-2008 20:35:35 UTC

against Sounds like a big hassle


11-17-2008 21:44:19 UTC



11-17-2008 22:11:14 UTC



11-18-2008 01:08:02 UTC

against I concur with Darknight. The +1 movement point ought to be a daily action. Other than that, spot on.

Oni Tainlyn:

11-18-2008 05:24:29 UTC

against As it is, the proposal is relatively pointless. Moving every day would require rewriting the locations rule as well… quite doable though.


11-18-2008 06:25:58 UTC

against Just nah


11-18-2008 06:42:37 UTC

One more against vote will cause this proposal to fail instantly.


11-18-2008 08:00:44 UTC

or a veto lol.


11-18-2008 10:21:17 UTC