Thursday, January 04, 2018

I Understand the Truth

As I gaze upon the civilization beyond, my mind is filled with inspiration!

This is my blog post for “Understand the Truth” as per Endgame.

I was still at 54 because I was Captured and immune to Admins reducing my distance to 15 due to “Three Final Acts, take 3”.

The values the GNDT tracks of a Captured Failed Experiment cannot be changed by any other Failed Experiment

And the changes in gamestate from enacting a proposal is performed by an Admin (who are Failed Experiments), as per the mechanic that lets that happen.
Would my attempt to shanghai the dynasty have worked or not, the rules are still in effect because I haven’t made an Ascension Address, would I have been successful with that. Just playing with both paradigms at the same time right now.



01-04-2018 18:21:13 UTC

This seems like a valid scam :).


01-04-2018 18:34:47 UTC

Well it’s not the admin changing it, the proposal changed the distance to 15 when it was enacted. I merely updated the GNDT to show what the gamestate is.


01-04-2018 18:39:21 UTC

@card: You’re doing it.

“The oldest Pending Proposal may be Enacted by any Admin (by updating the Ruleset and/or Gamestate to include the specified effects of that Proposal, and then setting that Proposal’s status to Enacted)

It’s you who has to do the things for it to happen. And you couldn’t do the thing on my distance, so it didn’t change.


01-04-2018 18:41:08 UTC

I can’t comment on the CFJ so I’ll do it her:

“Regardless of whether you agree with the above Cuddlebeam has forgotten to close the loophole, so other people can do this same scam.”

That is a really good catch lol. I forgot entirely.


01-04-2018 19:00:44 UTC

yup like I said, I updated the GNDT; the proposal changed the distance not me. It’s not like I can change the status of Director as a free action when I’m enacting a DoV for example.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-05-2018 08:42:04 UTC

If a rule blocks an admin from updating a game variable, and a proposal is made which requires an admin to update that game variable, wouldn’t this instead mean that the proposal couldn’t be enacted?

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-05-2018 08:58:20 UTC

Ah, I guess “If the admin enacting a proposal reaches a step which cannot be applied immediately (eg. “two days after this proposal enacts, Failed Experiment A gains 1 point”), that step is ignored for the purposes of enactment.” in the appendix covers it.