Monday, January 12, 2009

Ideas for the next Dynasty

I have three ideas that I’d had in mind for sometime now, in case I ever won a dynasty. So, I’m gonna post them and you guys can decide which one you like. If for some reason I don’t win, feel free to use any of these ideas anyways.

1) Timeshifting Dynasty: Based on the short story “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov, the players are a group of AIs that must stop the destruction of the Universe. Several things can be done like making time go faster, slower, rewind it, but these actions create entropy. If the entropy of the universe ever goes over a certain mark, the AI with the lowest entropy wins.

2) Ambiguously Minimalistic Dynasty: Short proposals are declared minimal, and players are rewarded for making minimal proposals, but punished if those proposals are not useful. Player complete to make Emperor made rules shorter (known as Unclean Rules), which gains them points. Players can make their enemies rules “Unclean” by discovering design errors in them.

3) Guess the Theme Dynasty: Only the Emperor knows what the Dynasty is about, and he ain’t telling. Proposals made by the Emperor are known as “Hints” and Players can make “Guess Posts” about the nature of the Dynasty, but they are limited in their number of tries. The first Player to guess what the Dynasty was about wins.



01-12-2009 04:37:37 UTC

of these, I’d prefer option 2 should you win.


01-12-2009 04:47:10 UTC

3 sounds good…


01-12-2009 05:37:31 UTC

They are all cool, although 1 seems hardest to implement.


01-12-2009 05:38:01 UTC

I guess I prefer 3.


01-12-2009 05:39:04 UTC

I remember ya planning 1 during the political dynasty lol. anythings better then this meta


01-12-2009 05:39:27 UTC

Wow.  I never thought I’d see a dynasty theme that was inherently scammable.


01-12-2009 13:18:36 UTC

3 sounds fun.


01-12-2009 13:27:26 UTC

2 seems like it would cause all of BlogNomic to crash down from simplicity, because everyone would be simplifying the core rules.


01-12-2009 13:45:42 UTC

I have an idea: Reality Show Dynasty. As a weekly action, the Host may issue a challenge to all the Nominees, and after that challenge is over, e may Eliminate one Nominee.


01-12-2009 13:47:51 UTC

Presumably the terms “Challenge” and “Eliminate” would be more defined in the rules.


01-12-2009 17:02:35 UTC

Isn’t 1 a little too similar to Hix’s first?

Anyways, I like 3.


01-12-2009 19:16:04 UTC

Looks like idea number 3 in winning. Well, in any case I’ve already got rules planned for it…


01-12-2009 23:35:14 UTC

I vote for an internet dynasty. The world has collapsed, and society has moved to the internet. Let the good lulz roll.