Monday, August 24, 2009

Idle me plz

Please idle me, I’d rather not play anything DC related.



08-24-2009 13:44:08 UTC

Done! 16/9.


08-24-2009 17:01:22 UTC

First arth complains about not using majority opinion, then he goes idle when majority opinion is that I win. *sigh*


08-25-2009 00:32:09 UTC

If majority opinion is to make me drink acid, I will tell the majority opinion to get screwed.


08-25-2009 00:34:38 UTC

Are you comparing a DC dynasty to drinking acid?... yeah, that sounds like one of the dynasty ideas. (/me makes a note to vote AGAINST the acd-drinking dynasty).


08-25-2009 04:22:37 UTC

I just want to note that I’m not complaining on DC’s victory to be unfair (everything is unfair in life, you have to get used to that). Rather I complain because I don’t think he will run this dynasty in a manner that causes it to be fun or interesting.

Furthermore, I predict it will end just like this one (in a faux coup de etat, passed on to one of DC’s friends).