Thursday, February 04, 2016

Proposal: Imagination is Funny…

Self-killed. — Quirck

Adminned at 05 Feb 2016 19:04:49 UTC

Enact a new rule “Idle Imaginary Friends”:

Some Imaginary Friends are Idle. For the purposes of voting and quorum, Idle Imaginary Friends are not counted as Children.

If a Proposal contains a provision that targets a specifically named Idle Imaginary Friend, then that Idle Imaginary Friend is considered to be unidle solely for the purposes of enacting that specific provision.

Any Child may unidle an Imaginary Friend by posting a story post with the title “I believe in X” where X is the name of an existing Imaginary Friend.

When a Imaginary Friend is unidled, their personal gamestate retains the last legally endowed values it had, if they are still valid. Otherwise the Imaginary Friend is given the default value for new Imaginary Friend, if such a value exists.

An Imaginary Child becomes idle if it has no Best Friend and casts no votes on two consecutive voting matters it was entitled to vote on. Immediately prior to idling, the Imaginary Friend drops the ball (if it was holding it) and gains 3 trouble.

Imagination is crazy
Your whole perspective gets hazy
Starts you asking a daisy
What to do, what to do?


quirck: he/him

04-02-2016 20:16:30 UTC

“Each Child has a numerical amount of Trouble”, Imaginary Friends have no Trouble, even though the GNDT shows zero in their rows.

How is it tracked who is idle and who is not? Will a non-Admin really be able to unidle Imaginary Friends? Updating quorums in the sidebar, for example, requires admin rights.


04-02-2016 21:28:54 UTC

I’d be happy to resubmit a proposal adding a trouble tracker to Imaginary Friends (after this one expires).

Tracking who is idle and who isn’t seems to be out of the scope of the rule, does it not? While it may be advantageous to know easily who is idle and who isn’t that doesn’t change the idle status of anyone. Likewise, quorum is defined by the gamestate, not what is in the sidebar, no?

Thanks for the feedback!

quirck: he/him

04-02-2016 21:49:49 UTC

Well, i generally don’t like untracked gamestate entities. It’s easy to forget them or just not notice state change.

As for idleness tracking: “Some Children are Idle, and shall be marked as such in the sidebar.” Actually some time ago there was an explicit list of idle players, it is hidden now, the sidebar shows only active players (so maybe we should update the rule?). Any player who is not listed in the sidebar is considered idle. When an Admin idles or unidles someone, he must appropriately edit the sidebar.

It is true that the quorum is defined by a formula, so it is in the sidebar just for convenience. Maybe we can track imaginary friend idleness in the GNDT and let the real quorum temporarily differ from the one in the sidebar until admin comes by to update it. We’ll see from voting.


05-02-2016 16:27:22 UTC

In general, should I wait for this proposal to lapse before posting a proposal for fixing any issues (like the trouble counter and/or tracking idles IF’s) or post an additional proposal now that depends on the success of this one? Is one or both bad form or preferable?

quirck: he/him

05-02-2016 17:27:20 UTC

Both ways are possible.

If people are in favour of the idea, they vote FOR even if there are minor things that have to be fixed later.

If the initial proposal is unlikely to pass, then there is no much sense in making a proposal that depends on it, so better to self-kill and repropose better version.


05-02-2016 18:58:36 UTC


**grunting sounds**