Saturday, December 10, 2011

Proposal: Inactive Jams

Times out and passes 3-2. -Bucky

Adminned at 12 Dec 2011 17:37:30 UTC

In the rule “Jam”, replace the text

When a Driver Drives a Jam Route, that Driver earns 2 Cash. Immediately after Driving a Jam Route, the traffic jam spreads


When a Driver Drives a Jam Route, that Driver earns 2 Cash, and the traffic jam spreads

Subrule “Jam” specifies events that happen *after* Driving a Route, so technically these events are not restricted by “Subrules of this rule may specify events that happen upon Driving a route, but those effects do not happen unless the route was Active before it was driven.”



12-10-2011 14:34:30 UTC



12-10-2011 17:20:05 UTC

against As I read it, Driving an Inactive Jam Route spreads the Jam without making Cash. This mechanic potentially interesting and not obviously broken.


12-10-2011 17:39:32 UTC


Soviet Brendon:

12-10-2011 19:14:48 UTC

against per pavitra


12-10-2011 22:43:47 UTC



12-11-2011 03:46:00 UTC

against Creates a race condition based on when the effect happens in relation to movign the jam to be back of the list

Prince Anduril:

12-11-2011 08:24:27 UTC



12-11-2011 12:47:54 UTC

Clucky: This objection could be made for ANY Route, except for CASH Routes because they don’t have any effect besides earning their Driver some Cash.
However, the action of Driving consists in marking the route inactive and moving in to the bottom of the list, as per rule “Routes”, so anything that happens “upon Driving” necessarily takes place after that has been done.