Saturday, November 06, 2010

Proposal: Is this your card?

Reached quorum 12 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 08 Nov 2010 05:51:07 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Apprentice wand” passed, revert its effects.

If the Proposal titled “Reanimated Brooms” passed, remove its addition to “Student Handbook”.

Add to “Grades”:

Each Grade corresponds to a Spell Power, which may be negative. A Student with a Grade of A+ in a Subject has a Spell Power of 5 in that Subject. Similarly, A gives 3 Spell Power, B gives 2, C gives 1, D gives -1, E gives -3 and F gives -5. Ungraded Grades give no Spell Power.

Create a new rule, “Spells”:

All Students have access to a number of Spells, listed in subrules to this rule. All spells have a Difficulty Level in one or more subjects, which may be negative, and an Effect.

A student (the caster) may attempt to cast a spell as a weekly action. To do so, they must make a post with the title “Casting {Spell}, where {Spell} is the name of the spell they intend to cast. If the Effect of that spell requires a target, one must be specified in the body of the post. Students who share a dormitory with the caster may join in the casting by adding a FOR icon in a comment to the post. The caster may complete the spell once within 48 hours of making the post and, if for each subject in which the Spell has a Difficulty level the sum of Spell Power of all participating Students (including the caster) in that subject meets or exceeds the Difficulty Level, execute the Effect of the spell.

Add the following as a subrule to this rule, called “Revive”:

:Difficulty level: RNY: 3; ALC: 0
:Effect: Set the condition of the targeted Student to Alive.

An alternative to undef’s idea. The selection of spells would be limited to elaborate rituals with flashy effects that may take several skilled Students to pull off.



11-06-2010 15:54:52 UTC



11-06-2010 16:37:25 UTC

for I like this one, especially the part where F student ruin things.

Thane Q:

11-06-2010 17:31:40 UTC

I believe this hurts the dorms with less students, as they’ve got less people to try to pull into the spell. But, I still approve.  for


11-06-2010 19:47:29 UTC



11-07-2010 00:12:32 UTC

I like the idea of big rituals. for


11-07-2010 00:34:06 UTC

against  due to the Revive rider; resurrection should not be so cheap.


11-07-2010 04:25:40 UTC

for If Revive is too cheap it can be amended. I like the guts of the proposal.


11-07-2010 08:23:41 UTC

for Ah, better than my idea, let’s go with this.


11-07-2010 10:16:17 UTC



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