Sunday, July 27, 2008

Proposal: Join Blognomic, see the world

timed out, final vote 4-5—Yoda

You mean 4-3. Chiv voted thrice, FOR was final vote.—Clucky

Adminned at 29 Jul 2008 11:40:45 UTC

Since there are only so many Party slots, here’s a way for Adventurers who can’t get them to slowly gain XP.
Add a subrule to the Rule entitled Experience.  Call it “Exploration” and give it the following text:

As a weekly action, any Adventurer who is not currently part of a Party may Take a Tour by spending 20 Gold.  Any adventurer who Takes a Tour gains 10 Experience.



07-27-2008 17:51:55 UTC

I’m not sure of this, so I think I’ll abstain for now until I see what everyone else thinks.


07-27-2008 19:52:28 UTC

Hmm… not exactly a ‘remember the weekly chore to gain something’ but it is close. Not sure.  imperial for now.


07-27-2008 23:28:44 UTC

for i don’t see a problem. i’ve only been in the last 2 partys because i’ve been having trouble sleeping so i’m on here alot more lol. once i sleep i’ll prob be on the outs again


07-28-2008 01:09:10 UTC


Because it doesn’t keep you from being in a party or anything.  If you’re about to join a party, do the activity, unless you’re in the party for longer than a week? doesn’t matter.


07-28-2008 02:51:33 UTC

against good point

Nice try, though.


07-28-2008 05:06:22 UTC



07-28-2008 12:06:40 UTC

Ah… yes, you cna do the action then join a party right away.  against


07-28-2008 14:39:28 UTC

for I don’t see why this is a problem. The weekly action part is to prevent abuse, the “not in a party” part is the same reason you can’t do other stuff while in a party.


07-29-2008 02:03:52 UTC

for Sounds good.


07-29-2008 15:37:51 UTC

The point of the action is to allow people to not fall behind those that do adventuring.

If those that are adventuring can also do this as much? fails in it’s purpose.