Thursday, January 08, 2009

Proposal: Lets actually do this in a legit manner

timed out, final vote 2-9—Yoda

Adminned at 10 Jan 2009 11:20:55 UTC

Remove all relics from play. Give Clucky the BLO, GNO and MIC relics.

I have done just as much work towards winning this thing as Darth has—just because he exploited the loophole I pointed out doesn’t mean he accomplished anything else and BLO. GNO is stubborn and hasn’t even provided a way to *get* their relic, and I have an interesting dynasty idea that I can probably use to convince Amnistar to my side. This proposal is no different from the proposal Yoda made on Darth’s behalf, expect its doing it out in the open—not trying to sneak it in behind peoples backs or shadily abuse the ruleset.

My idea for the dynasty is as follows: speed everything up. Instead of 48 hours until proposals expire, make it two. Instead of 24 hours for a daily action, make it one. Instead of 7 days for a weekly action, make it a day. Put some unchangeable rule that gives the dynasty a week to live and certain set victory conditions once the week runs out, and then disallow rules that add victory conditions or grant victory until after the week is up.



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01-08-2009 17:54:55 UTC

Wow….that is…wow…I would love to just see that in action just to see how amazingly bizare the game got.

I think it would, however, make a really good summer dynasty, or holiday dynasty.  Sometime when lots of people have the time and desire to check the gnomic often (otherwise we’ll have such a huge backlog of proposals it won’t matter, and proposals passing with a single vote FOR aside from the author.  However, I’m not against Clucky winning.

And I agree, the fact that GNO hasn’t created a way for anyone, let along someone outside their dynasty, win their relic has caused this game to simply grind to a halt.

That said;


01-08-2009 17:59:14 UTC

Try checking the Relics the Gnomic Way proposal.


01-08-2009 18:21:41 UTC

ok fine, you need 100 GG’s to get victory. that will take a while. Darth def doesn’t have it.

Good point about the timing Amnistar. maybe I should save the idea.


01-08-2009 18:24:57 UTC

I am starting to think the three separate rulesets makes it too hard to get anywhere ... this is looking like it will be a very long game, and a rather fractious one.  It may be that we need to declare this dynasty an interesting concept that isn’t working in practice.


01-08-2009 18:30:12 UTC

Escher, I honestly agree, which is why I’m planing on giving the MIC relic to the first person that presents, to me, a good notion of a new dynasty that would be fun to play.  This dynasty was interesting but, for several reasons, it’s collapsing under it’s own weight.


01-08-2009 18:44:40 UTC

imperial I wouldn’t play in Clucky’s proposed Speed-dynasty, so I’m not voting for this proposal, but I think I’m in favor of bringing this one to an end.


01-08-2009 19:09:03 UTC

against Why? I’d been pretty active and helpful too (I mean, I made the initial dynastic rules for this metadynasty and almost all the BLO rules), why should I just allow you to win without going through all the motions?


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01-08-2009 20:25:19 UTC

against Meh.


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01-09-2009 02:46:44 UTC

No Victory; Just more factions ;)


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01-09-2009 23:03:41 UTC

More factions?  It’s already crazy with 3.


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01-10-2009 01:56:08 UTC

Quorumed AGAINST.


01-10-2009 01:59:54 UTC

Wait… forgot about Gnauga unidling, raising quorum to 10.

Revote against


01-10-2009 02:00:24 UTC