Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Proposal: Let’s Make it a Race Take 2

Sadness overwhelms me—arth

Adminned at 29 Jan 2009 12:09:09 UTC

Let’s try this again, now that I have an open Proposal slot:

Append new major section,

Each Member of the Staff has completed a certain non-negative number of Laps, which will recorded in the GNDT. If at any time the Member’s Laps are set to an invalid value, that Member shall set their Laps to 0.

The Finish Line
When a Member switches their Station from the last Station in the Solar Map to the first Station in the Solar Map in one action and not through Translocation, that Member’s Laps increase by 1. This is known as Crossing the Finish Line.

In ‘Solar Map’ insert the following underlined text:

There exists a wiki document known as “Solar Map” which lists the possible routes between two stations. Two Stations are considered Adjacent in the Solar Map if one of them appears right before the other one. The first and last Station in the Solar Map are considered Adjacent to each other. As a weekly action, a Member of the Staff may add a Station to the Solar Maps. A Station may be added even if it already appears in the Solar Map, as long as this doesn’t cause a Station to be Adjacent to itself. If there is only one Station in the Solar Map, or will be only one Station as a result of an addition, that Station may be considered Adjacent to itself, and this does not prevent the Member from adding the Station.

If the first and last Station in the Solar Map are the same at the time this proposal passes, and there is more than one Station in the Solar Map, a new last Station shall be added by the enactor of this proposal without using a weekly action.

*whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!* Look at them go!



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01-28-2009 20:48:22 UTC

against “Mayor section” is not defined in the ruleset. Furthermore, “The finish line” would allow a Member to simply go back and forth and quickly accumulate laps.


01-28-2009 20:55:32 UTC

That’s true. I should have thought it through more. But it could be rectified by adding a rule stating that except through Translocation or Crossing the Finish Line, players may only move from top to bottom in the Solar Map.

As for the Major Section bit, what should I call it?


01-28-2009 20:56:01 UTC

CoV against


01-28-2009 21:00:52 UTC

The solar map is supposed to go both ways.


01-28-2009 21:04:08 UTC

Ah, well. In light of the points presented here, I’ve changed my mind on this proposal. Sorry about that.

against s/k


01-28-2009 22:48:00 UTC

I think by “major section” you meant rule.


01-28-2009 23:19:20 UTC

Ah. I was thinking of each sentence as a rule. And things like Sections and Section Titles were just for grouping and organization.


01-29-2009 20:08:39 UTC

veto Sadfaced for speed.