Thursday, September 26, 2019

Call for Judgment: Lost Within A Lost

Fewer than quorum not voting AGAINST. Failed 0-4 by Kevan.

Adminned at 26 Sep 2019 19:13:16 UTC

Remove “Kevan” from the list of Castaways at the Clearing. Decrease the Date of the Castaway named Kevan by 1.

“As a Date Action, a Castaway may remove their name from a list in a Location to add their name to a list in the last paragraph of a different Location.” But Kevan’s name was not in any Location list when he moved to the Clearing today, as “The Jungle” was repealed yesterday, and the phrasing of this rule makes it clear that removal is a prerequisite to addition.


Kevan: he/him

26-09-2019 17:03:06 UTC

against My name was listed in the Beach, when I moved it. (The sequence of events was repealing the Jungle rule, adding myself to the Beach list per the Beach rule, then moving to the Clearing.)

Brendan: he/him

26-09-2019 17:09:18 UTC

Ah, I had gone back through the wiki history but missed that step. I know you can’t self-kill CoVs, but against anyway.


26-09-2019 17:39:51 UTC

No worries.


26-09-2019 17:56:29 UTC

It’s ok, Brendan was just hallucinating.