Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Proposal: Man Shot First

Reached quorum and enacted, 8-0. Josh

Adminned at 04 Dec 2020 09:38:13 UTC

Add a bullet point to the atomic action in the Battlefield rule:-

* If the Bogey is still in play, apply all Reactions of its Features to this Fire Post, in the order that they are listed in the ruleset.

Create a subrule of “DEVAs” called “Features”, with the following text:-

The named Features of DEVAs, and those Features’ Reactions, are listed below (with the name in bold and the Reaction afterwards):-

* ‘’‘Deflector Shield’‘’. If the Fire Vector is smaller than the Bogey’s defense, the Bogey gains 1 defense, if this would bring the Bogey’s defense above the maximum it becomes the maximum instead and the Poindexter should add a comment saying that the Bogey’s shield has shorted out.
* ‘’‘Radiant Beam’‘’. If the Fire Vector is greater than the Aggressor’s Defense, the Aggressor’s Power is reduced by 10.

Add a DEVA sub-species to the tracked list:-

Designation OPHANIM, Energy range 11-20, Attack range 11-20, Defence range 11-20, 75% chance of “Radiant Beam”, 50% chance of Deflector Shield.

Remove the definition of Deflector Shield (and the quotemarks around it) from the Ansible Hangar, if it exists there.

Clarifying when “When a fire post is resolved” actually happens (since it’s an atomic action we may as well put it straight into the list there), moving the definition of Deflector Shield into the ruleset and adding another Feature and a DEVA that might have it.


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