Friday, April 01, 2011

Mind the Gap

Living up to his or her name, Ujalu the unnecessary goes idle after a week of inactivity. Quorum drops to 11.

And while I’m here, I should mention that - as the rest of you have probably noticed - the Blognomic site has been sporadically inaccessible over the past few days, often for up to half an hour. It’s actually the whole server that’s at fault, and we’ve raised a ticket with Dreamhost, who are now aware of the problem and claim to be looking into it. It causes a minor game problem in that proposals aren’t “open for voting” while the server is down, and proposals only time out when they’ve been “open for voting for at least 48 hours”, so I suppose we should just give proposals another twelve hours each, until this problem is fixed.



01-04-2011 10:38:15 UTC

The read more link at the top of the page brings to an old proposal titled “Mind the Gap”.


01-04-2011 10:42:05 UTC

And by the way, every time I enter to post a new Proposal it’s down. I came twice for “Change rules…” and once for a Proposal to change starting places, that now would be quite obsolete.

Kevan: he/him

01-04-2011 10:46:43 UTC

Thanks for the catch. As far as I can tell, though, it’s entirely random when the server fails, and unrelated to any blog actions we might be trying to make.


01-04-2011 14:08:18 UTC

Yes I think too I’m just unlucky (or the server has been down really a lot)