Friday, November 22, 2019

Story Post: [Monster] combustion

it’s so hot!
i’m melting! someone, anyone help! Cuddlebeam, why are you just standing there waving that imperial  flag around?
i look around and evewryone is alive and healed. again. for the second. damn. time.
it is still so hot i’m already soaked. Kevan and The Duke of Waltham are pointing at me, looking worried. why can’t i hear them? it’s so hot in here . . . maybe they can help.
i’ve got a nice cold glass of water rigght here . . . just let me in
that didn’t sound like someone was speaking. anyway “hey Kevan, do you know . . . where to get . . . . some water . . . around here? it’s just so damn hot . . .”
i fall to the floor in front of Kevan and notice steam rising above me
take it, freshly made ice
no, not from you . . . things?
smoke’s rising now
come on, you must be soooo thirsty
i . . . fine, just hand the
the last thing seen of my body is a whirlwind of fire rising

I chose 3 Bulk monstrosities



22-11-2019 10:10:25 UTC