Thursday, April 20, 2017

Proposal: More Tools

Times out 6-1. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 22 Apr 2017 21:55:19 UTC

Add a new rule “Levels and Stats” with the following text

Levels and Stats are decimal numbers.

Add to the list of tools under “Bloggers” the following

*La Cross Stick: A Blogger using this confuses any opposing Bloggers who don’t have a La Cross stick, making them perform as if they had X extra levels, where X is 3 - the number of La Cross Sticks the opposing team has, when equipped.
*Hockey Stick: A Blogger with this stick is more likely to get into fights with other Bloggers and ‘accidentally’ hurting people with it’s sharp edge. A Blogger equipped with this has +2 Balls and +1 Brawn but -3 Brains.
*Rubik’s Cube: A Blogger with this puzzle on the field becomes more analytic but not very strong. A blogger equipped with this has +2 Brains and +1 Balls but -3 Brawn.
*Dumbbells: A Blogger multitasking their weightlifting schedule becomes stronger on the field but not very Ballsy and has +2 Brawn +1 Brains but -3 Balls.
*Bat: While the Animal Protection services are still looking into the legality of using bats as a device for hitting balls and other Bloggers, the game goes on. If a Blogger’s team won the game last match and they had the Bat equipped during it, they steal one level from a random Blogger on the team that lost.
*Training Equipment: These cumbersome weighted gear and stick helps the Blogger train. For each game played with Training Equipment on the Blogger gains half a level. While equipped the Blogger plays with a level of 5.
*Counterfeit Ball & Stick: While this is an illegal play, it certainly will win games if you’re not caught. A Blogger with a counterfeit ball plays with 10 extra levels. After a game there is 45% chance that the Umpire saw the cheating, if that happens the following happens: the team automatically loses (this can result in a double loss if two teams are found out), the Blogger is disqualified from Blogsball and removed from the Blogger Roster page and the Manager of that Blogger is fined $100,000.
*Golf Clubs & Caddy: In the rules the Caddy is not allowed to influence the ball, he can only help switch to the appropriate club. A Blogger equipped with Golf Clubs & Caddy is slowed down a lot to switch to the appropriate club, but when they do hit it’s much more skilled than other sticks, they have one less level but get +1 to each stat.
*Tree Trunk: This massive stick can only be wielded by giants with 9 or more Brawn. When equipped the Blogger has +5 Brawn.
*Principia de Mathematica: Learning the fundamentals of calculus straight from Newton needs Brains 9 or higher to utilize while playing a Bloggsball match. When equipped the Blogger has +5 Brains.
*3 Flaming Chainsaws: It takes a lot of Balls (and dexterity) to juggle 3 Flaming Chainsaws during a match, 9 or more to be precise. When equipped the Blogger has +5 Balls.
*Demonic Pentagram: A Blogger with a pentagram gains unholy power. A Blogger with this equipped has +X levels where X is 4 - the number of Bloggers on the opposing team with a Holy Cross equipped. A Blogger that has had a Demonic Pentagram equipped cannot ever equip a Holy Cross. The blood ritual that allows the Demonic Pentagram to be unequipped costs the Blogger 1 level. Every two Bloggsball games a Blogger with this equipped must do a sacrifice which results in their level being reduced by 0.5.
*Holy Cross: A Blogger with a holy cross gains divine luck and power during a game. If a roll that pertains to a Blogger equipped with a Holy Cross happens, the Manager rolls twice and gets to choose which one happens, if it is a private roll (such as a roll the Commissioner would normally do) instead the most optimal result is chosen from two rolls; for example if a roll for checking PEDs happens on a Blogger with the Holy Cross the result that involves not being found out is chosen if available.
*Garlic: This powerful charm will give a Blogger +0.5 level and +0.5 Brains and if that Blogger is chosen for the effects of Bat, they instead steal a level from the player.
*Self-help Book: This book has the potential to change people’s lives for the better. Bloggers who have it equipped perform as if they have 4 extra levels but 0 for any of their stats.
*How To Book: This book improves a Blogger’s skills. A Blogger with this equipped does not have their level added for the purposes of calculating whether a game is won. A Blogger with this equipped performs as if their level was added to each of their stats.
*Team Logo: This unweildy plastic cutout allows a Blogger to perform with +0.5 to their Level, +2 to their image stat and -0.5 to their non-image stats.

I don’t think there is anything too unbalanced, however if you feel there is only one or two things unbalanced then don’t feel like you should vote against, since we won’t be seeing any games played a while. I also am not sure how tools work exactly, if a manager can only equip what they have tracked in the GNTD or otherwise. I, or someone else, could fix the tools later (since I have to leave right after making this) based upon suggestions below.


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-20-2017 21:06:19 UTC

against I see now need for these until we figure out what tools are.


04-20-2017 22:26:13 UTC

for I smell a scam

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-20-2017 22:43:13 UTC

arthexis, what sort of scams doth thou smell?

Oracular rufio:

04-21-2017 01:30:51 UTC

This sounds interesting, but I am withholding my vote until arthexis explains himself.


04-21-2017 05:45:25 UTC

If it’s a scam it’s unintended from vague wording. Although I guess that’s just what a person who is trying to pull a scam and hide it would say. Maybe a tool accidentally sets someone’s stats or level to a permanent upgrade when equipped to poor wording.


04-21-2017 06:12:51 UTC

its so huuUUGE

but for


04-21-2017 13:30:13 UTC



04-21-2017 20:38:41 UTC

It’s so long I have no idea what it really does. We’ll do it live! for

Oracular rufio:

04-22-2017 17:59:59 UTC


Oracular rufio:

04-22-2017 18:00:51 UTC

But card, please change all of those “preform"s to “perform”.


04-22-2017 18:25:51 UTC

Would preform/perform fall under the obvious typo rule?

Oracular rufio:

04-22-2017 18:26:50 UTC



04-22-2017 19:48:59 UTC