Sunday, April 23, 2017

Proposal: Named PuPs

5 to 1 after 48 hours. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 25 Apr 2017 13:19:33 UTC

Amend the final paragraph of “Recruitment” to read:

Bloggsball has a long tradition of picking up bloggers from off the street when a team is thin. At any time a manager who has sufficient cash and team slots may hire a special kind of Blogger called a “PuP” (in stands for “Pick up Player”), by paying $10,000. All PuPs have stats of 3 and a level of 7, their favorite fruit is always watermelon, and their name is always “PuP”, unless they are named by the Commissioner. A PuP who has not been named, who would be auctioned is instead not auctioned.

Append to “Recruitment”:

At any time, a manager who owns a “PuP” whose stats are not 3 and whose level is not 7, may request that the player is named by the Commissioner. The Commissioner shall do so in a timely manner.

This should allow the selling of PuPs.


Oracular rufio:

04-24-2017 03:06:07 UTC

This should really be two proposals.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-24-2017 09:41:12 UTC

oracular rufio, I will split them.


04-24-2017 09:54:19 UTC



04-24-2017 10:01:49 UTC

-I’m not active/motivated enough to potentially arrange and play 13 (amount of players) matches of rolling numbers and doing all of the other boring calculations that matches require - per week - to play this optimally and reap the most rewards. I doubt most other people are too.

-Being an Overseer and doing “Rolling a DICE(X+Y), not necessarily in the GNDT” can lead to silly fucking drama. Better have it all be in the GNDT for any rolls, unless its the Commissioner rolling some secret stuff.

-I see a potential scam in getting PuPs, getting their stats to change (likely with a tool) to then name them and auction them for a proper market price for profit.

-You also changed “A Manager whose team has played two more games than any other manager may not have their team play in a blogsball game.” to three. Smirk.

So, against.

You’re a very active guy (auction activity, proposal activity, etc), and you certainly seem to make stuff that aims reward or leverage upon that level of activity fmpov (either intentionally or unintentionally). Not everyone here is available to compete/participate with their IRL time for that. Wit, not daily logins/time spent on Blognomic, should be the main force to make you win imo. You’ve made some other superb proposals though PSS.


04-24-2017 10:03:26 UTC

Oh fuck the proposal got changed while I was writing that longass comment lol.

The “naming a PuP then selling it” thing is still there though, but oh well. for

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-24-2017 10:11:35 UTC

cuddlebeam, the not necessary in the GNDT was already there. As to the 13 games, if even one person doesn’t do that, it will be hard to do. Also as to my time, I too have stretches where I don’t have much time and therefore I have tried to make things as little grind as possible and as much about strategy. If you have recommendations to fix this, I would love to hear them.


04-24-2017 13:28:05 UTC

for  This is good.


04-24-2017 16:12:43 UTC